NBA 2K21 Neighborhood Trailer Reveals 2K Beach

NBA 2K21's newest trailer covered all kinds of new changes for MyCAREER and The Neighborhood.

Here are all the new features you'll find out in the Neighborhood!

2K Beach

The Neighborhood will be taking on some new scenery in this year's game with the introduction of 2K Beach.

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UNDER THE SUN: 2K Beach is the newest location for The Neighborhood in NBA 2K21

The Neighborhood will feature 3v3 streetball, 5vs5 ProAM games, clothing stores, The REC, arcades, MyTEAM facilities, and plenty more.

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It'll be a fantastic way to bring together the community and let players express themselves while playing unique game modes.

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THE SIGHTS: NBA 2K21 will have some scenic environments for The Neighborhood, but it's still all business on the courts

There will also be events that bring players back to 2K Beach time and time again, so stay tuned so you don't miss out!

NBA 2K21 Neighborhood trailer

The latest trailer takes you to the 2K Beach, as well as showing off the changes to MyCAREER which includes 10 NCAA teams!


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