NBA 2K21 Next Gen: New OVRs revealed - LeBron, Giannis, Countdown, release, reveal & more

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2K has been preaching about the glory of next-gen for a few weeks now.

NBA 2K21 will be a totally different game on the new consoles, with badges being overhauled and Takeovers changing.


Now new player ratings are coming!

Ratings reveal date

The new ratings will be announced TODAY!


2K dropped this news out of the blue overnight, and it comes on the back of their final Courtside Report detailing the massive next-gen changes they are bringing to the game.

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NBA 2K reveals usually come at 3pm BST - that's when every Courtside Report has dropped, so we expect to hear what LeBron, Giannis, and others will be rated then!

Ratings release date

You'll have to wait a few weeks for these ratings to come into the game though.

nba 2k21 next gen ratings

They will land with the next-gen game on 10 November, which is the Xbox Series X|S release date. If you're planning to play on PS5 you'll obviously have to wait a little longer than that.

Will they be on current-gen too?



This is one part of the next-gen changes that will be on the current-gen version too.

NBA 2k21 next gen
WAITING: It's been so long, but it's nearly over

It remains to be seen how drastic the ratings changes will be, but we expect to see some 99s dished out.

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LeBron 98 OVR

Somehow, King James is a 98 OVR. His fourth NBA title on his third team wasn't enough to get him the max.

lebron rating
NOPE: Surely he should be 99 OVR?

More ratings will be dropping throughout the day. The Lakers starting five already have theirs, check here for updates!

Giannis 97 OVR

It looks like LeBron will be atop the mountain on 98 OVR, but just behind him is Giannis.

giannis rating 1

The Bucks megastar will be a force on next-gen!

James Harden 96 OVR


Damian Lillard 95 OVR

NBA 2K21 next gen ratings Damian Lillard 1

Kevin Durant 95 OVR & Kyrie Irving 90 OVR

kyrie KD

Stephen Curry 95 OVR & Klay Thompson 89 OVR

NBA 2K21 next gen ratings Stephen Curry 1 1

Luka Doncic 94 OVR

luka doncic 1

Jimmy Butler 93 OVR

jimmy butler