NBA 2K21 Next Gen Ratings Revealed: LeBron, Lakers, Giannis, & more

The last thing we were expecting from 2K going into next-gen was a refreshed set of ratings, but here we are!

NBA 2K21 is dropping new OVRs throughout today and the first batch has arrived.

Ratings release date

These new ratings will hit the game on 10 November, in time for the arrival of the first next-gen consoles, Microsoft's Xbox Series X & S.

However, you won't have to be a next-gen player to use them!

nba 2k21 next gen ratings
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The ratings will be available across both next- and current-gen consoles, which is awesome.

So what's been revealed so far...

LeBron & LA Lakers

The champion LA Lakers were naturally the first ratings to be revealed.

Finals MVP and undisputed king LeBron James gets a 98 OVR, which is somewhat surprising.

lebron rating
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BOW DOWN: LeBron claimed a title with his third team, a remarkable achievement

Anthony Davis gets a 96 OVR to make the Lakers a deadly team.

Danny Green (76), Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (76), and Alex Caruso (75) round out their lineup.

More ratings will be coming out over the day, so keep checking in regularly for the latest update!

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The Greek Freak comes in at a massive 97 OVR!

giannis rating 1
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He's sure to be a dominant force.

Luka Doncic

The Mavs young star get a huge 94 OVR.

luka doncic 1
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Doncic is one of a number of players eyeing up the established NBA stars and imagining life at the top of the pile.

Jimmy Butler

After an incredible playoff run Jimmy Butler hits 93 OVR.

jimmy butler 1
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Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving

The Nets pair come in at 95 OVR for the man KD and 90 OVR for Kyrie.

kyrie KD 1
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James Harden

Harden has a 99 OVR beard game, but 2K has given him 96 OVR on the court.

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