NBA 2K21: MyPLAYER Wishlist - Changes, Features, Next-Gen & more

MyPLAYER is one of the most popular modes within the NBA 2K franchise.

It is one which can be combined with a number of other modes such as MyCAREER and the Park but in order to be successful in either of those modes, you have to ensure you make the correct decisions when it comes to your MyPLAYER.

We've already had some confirmed news regarding MyPLAYER - some good, and some well, not so good. Here are some features that we would like to see implemented into MyPLAYER on 2K21.

Keep the customisations coming

Now each year we see more and more customisation options added into your MyPLAYER. Whether it be aesthetical - tattoos, hairstyles etc - or in-games, the more customisation options you have, the more personal your MyPLAYER will feel.

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One idea which has been touted is the ability to customise your own pie charts. This would allow players to choose exactly how they want their player to play on the court.

Of course, the logistics behind this might be difficult, but it would be a cool feature to see added nonetheless!

More routes for your MyCAREER

This is one that may split opinion, but we'd love to see our MyPLAYER given the ability to play in more competitions - both en route to the NBA and then, even more when they are there!

G League
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G League! NBA 2K19 saw you head over to the Mad Ants in China

Rather than a rushed spell playing college basketball or a stint in China, why not give the option of starting at the very bottom, working your way through high school and college and then, by the time you get to the draft you'll be raring to go in the NBA!

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You could extend this further perhaps with the opportunity to represent your country in the Olympics maybe (licensing permitting, of course!)

Choice of cutscenes

This is a very simple addition that we think would please a lot of NBA 2K gamers.

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Famous Faces! Idris Elba featured in MyCAREER on 2K20

When you take your MyPLAYER into MyCAREER, there is a cinematic, theatrical storyline that comes with you. Now for many people, this is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. However, for others, they just want to play the game.

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Let players have the option at the start of their Career - a decision that can be changed at a later date if desired - as to whether they want the cut-scenes or not. For those that do, make them bigger and better!

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