NBA 2K24: How to get a shoe deal

NBA 2K24 shoe deals

NBA 2K24 shoe deals

Longtime fans know that getting a shoe deal in NBA 2K wasn’t always straightforward. In earlier editions of the game, you had to meet some requirements before securing the endorsement deal, but that’s not the case in NBA 2K24. Do you want to know how to get a shoe deal in NBA 2K24? We got you covered.

Some basketball shoes are good for jumpshots and dunks, while there are ones suitable for defence. Depending on your player build in MyCAREER, you’ll know what shoes you need. It comes as a part of your player’s appearance.

You can also buy shoes in NBA 2K24 if you have enough VC, but to get an endorsement shoe deal, you don’t need money.

How to get a shoe deal in NBA 2K24

First of all, the only way of getting a shoe deal in NBA 2K24 is through MyCAREER mode. Considering it’s going to be your first time in NBA 2K24, you’ll have to show a bit of patience. Go through the tips and quickly check out the messages that pop out. It’s usual when you play a certain game (or game mode) for the first time.

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Click on Play Now, and it will take you outside the facility. Then, the "History in the Making" message will appear, and it basically welcomes you to MyCAREER before your first-ever game in the NBA. The quest "Chris Brickley Drills" will be completed, and you’ll get 750 VC.

You’ll enter the arena two hours before tipoff, and don’t worry about the scenes and conversations before entering the locker room. Those are not important, so you can skip them.

Choosing your shoe deal

As soon as you enter the team’s locker room, there will be a lady with red hair and a beige outfit. She is a shoe representative, and after a brief (unimportant) conversation with her, a "Select your shoe deal for the 2023-24 NBA season“ message will pop out.

You’ll have seven choices:

  • Adidas – 2,000 VC if you are named Rookie of the Year
  • Converse – 2,000 VC if you break the Rookie Season Blocks (397) or Steals (211) Record
  • Jordan - 2,000 VC if you win the NBA Finals
  • New Balance – 2,000 VC if you get 1000+ rebounds and enter the All-Rookie Team
  • Nike – 2,000 VC if you are named Rookie or Player of the Month five times in the season
  • Puma – 2,000 VC if you break the Rookie Season Triple-Doubles Record (26)
  • Under Armour – 2,000 VC if you break the Rookie Season 3-Pointers Made Record (206)

All of the endorsement deals come with Year 1 Signing Incentives. While each brand will offer on-court shoes as part of a signing bonus, and each will give you a billboard campaign, not all will offer the same season bonuses. We explained those bonuses for each brand above.

That was it. We hope our how to get a shoe deal in NBA 2K24 guide helped you to decide which endorsement you want to choose.

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