NBA 2K24 MyCareer will provide players with a unique experience

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NBA 2K24

MyCareer is the most popular game mode of the NBA 2K franchise, and that won't change in NBA 2K24. According to 2K developer Erick Boenisch, the developing team listened to a lot of community feedback to significantly improve the MyCareer mode.

The mode introduced many new features, that will immerse players like never before. This year, MyCareer is much more focused on playing and proving yourself on the court. It delivers a more streamlined experience, which was something fans were begging for.

Without further ado, let's find out everything about the MyCareer mode in NBA 2K24.

Prove yourself on the court

As mentioned above, in NBA 2K24, the main focus of MyCareer is to prove yourself on the field.

This means that all the sidequest and parallel stories that were present in previous editions are not as important. They are still there, but players aren't forced to do it anymore, and can completely avoid them if they so desire.

NBA 2K24 The City
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The city is still full of side quests you can choose to complete.

What is important is having great performances, increasing your attributes and improving your badges. Proving you are among the best in the league, and achieving the superstar status.

To put it simply, MyCareer is about basketball and what goes on inside the court.

A unique MyCareer start

Players will experience the most unique MyCareer start of arguably all time. In previous editions, players would start their journey in College, as undrafted players, or come from playing in China.

In NBA 2K24, players will enter the league as a generational prospect, like LeBron James. The expectations are through the roof, and there is only one goal, to become the greatest of all time.


To see how you rank against the best of all time, MyCareer introduced the GOAT tier. This tier lists the best players of all time, with Michael Jordan sitting on the throne.

NBA 2K24 Victor Wembanyama
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Just like Victor Wembanyama, you enter the league as a generational talent!

As players accumulate great performances, break milestones, and win trophies, they will climb the GOAT list. Winning key games, such as conference finals, will also help players reach the number one spot faster.

Players will be able to constantly track their progress in the GOAT list. When they overtake a legend in the list, every single media outlet in the game will talk about it.

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