NBA 2K24: Where to buy shoes

Find out where to buy shoes so you're looking your best against NBA stars!
Credit: NBA 2K24

Find out where to buy shoes so you're looking your best against NBA stars!
Credit: NBA 2K24

As engrossed in the culture of basketball as the very ball they shoot, the very rim they dunk on and the very court beneath their feet, shoes are everything in the modern game. This is no different in 2K's latest basketball video game release, NBA 2K24!

Ask any baller what sound they associate their beloved game with and most would say the squeak of shoes on the court. In this guide, we'll help you stay up to date with wearing only the freshest kicks in our walkthrough of where to buy shoes in NBA 2K24!

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Where to buy shoes in NBA 2K24

You'll be able to enjoy the spoils of the multiple apparel sponsors that the NBA has affiliations with, as there are a copious amount of options when it comes to places to buy shoes. The decision will depend largely on how you feel about particular brands, but you will certainly not be without plenty of choices.

To buy new shoes, you'll need to visit the shopping district in MyCareer mode. You can find this at the bottom of the map and it is easily accessible either on foot/board or by catching a train. Once you arrive, look for the street that's sporting multiple well-known shoe brands and take your pick.

A NBA 2K24 player in the shopping district in MyCareer Mode
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Credit: NBA 2K24
There are no shortage of options as you benefit from the shoe brand wars

The shopping district includes popular brands that are synonymous with high-quality basketball footwear, such as Adidas, Jordan, and Nike. You have the freedom to decide which ones you'll rock on the court, but if you're a good client then you'll likely want to side with the brand you signed on with when making your NBA debut.

Purchasing shoes is as simple as approaching the vendor, hitting the interact button, choosing the shoes you like, and purchasing them. You'll likely not have enough VC from the start of your career to buy the ones you like, but you can earn VC easily by completing quests and by impressing on the court.

We hope you enjoy your new kicks on the court! We've got loads of build guides to help you get the best out of your player, regardless of if they're a point guard, shooting guard, or center. Additionally, take a look at the best jump shots in NBA 2K24 to find one that works best for you!

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