All MultiVersus Codes & How to Redeem them

MultiVersus Characters

MultiVersus Characters

MultiVersus codes are an easy way to earn some great rewards, such as unique ways to customize your characters, incredible items, and in-game currency.

Some of the rewards can even help you unlock characters. That's why you must know what MultiVersus codes are active, and how to redeem them.

How to Redeem MultiVersus Codes

Before seeing which codes are active, you first need to understand how to redeem MultiVersus codes.

To do that, you just need to follow these simple steps:

Head to the WB Multiversus Code Redemption website
Sign in to your WB Games account
Click on the "Link account" option
Log in to the account of the platform you play MultiVersuss in
Input the code in the "Redeem your code" text box
Click on "Claim"
Enjoy your rewards

Once you have done all the steps mentioned above, the rewards will be added to your MultiVersus account, and you can enjoy them.

MultiVersus Active Codes

As of right now, there are nine active MultiVersus codes, and all of them offer some great rewards

Here are all the MultiVersus active codes, and what they offer:

  • AEPRJ-SXNS6-DCNJE-TEEQR - Matrix Banana Guard
  • QAM9G-GK4TN-3Q7TD-QJHCF - Unique sticker
  • ELG88-DBFCL-HIND4-H5FS9 - 50 Gleamium
  • I9JJL-XGRBO-C8ADG-ZLAPL - 50 Gleamium
  • HTKFB-F47A6-GTJEF-D5PBC - 50 Gleamium
  • BXHEJ-NTTOB-JOHOG-97MHP - random reward
  • CDRSD-JFCM9-373H8-YCB47 - random reward
  • YRBDN-TOLCI-QDZMG-8ODOX - random reward
  • CEQHE-YAYNK-T49SJ-RROKM - random reward
MultiVersus Banana Guard
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Credit: MultiVersus

We expect more codes to be revealed soon and will update this article as soon as they are announced, so stay tuned.

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