Multiversus: How to Play as Batman

Regardless of whether or not you're a fan of DC Comics, the popularity of Batman as a character is simply undeniable. It was a no-brainer that the caped crusader would be in the Warner Bros fighting game Multiversus.

Voiced by fan-favourite Batman Kevin Conroy, Multiversus developer Player First Games brought a Batman that ticks all the boxes for fans of the dark knight and his many years of multimedia stardom. Here's how you play as him.

How to Play as Batman in Multiversus?

As of the closed alpha for Multiversus, the player will have access to Batman as a playable character from the moment they load up the game for the first time with no unlock required. While there is no guarantee that this will remain to be the case, due to Batman's presence in the marketing material It's safe to say no unlock will be required come launch.

Being a bruiser, Batman is all about the heavy damage dealing hits to try and quickly build up his opponents' damage gauge for easier K.O.s. Batman's style of fighting will appeal to fans of the character, making use of his stealth prowess as well as his collection of gadgets, making Batman a lot faster and more versatile than other bruisers currently available in the game.

His unique ability, meanwhile, is to turn invisible which allows him to move and dodge faster while also weakening and slowing down his foes with debuffs.

Batman's Move-Set

As is the case for all characters in Multiversus, the move-set for Batman consists of ground and air variations for directional attacks and special attacks and a passive ability that is unique to them and them alone.

Below you can see Batman's full move-set. Please note that these are keyboard controls and should be substituted for your controller's button of choice for attack and special respectively.

A screenshot of Batman's move-set in Multiversus used to teach people how to play the character.
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