Multiversus: How to Play as Shaggy

If you've been on social media in recent years and have any connection to meme culture, you'll have likely seen Scooby-Doo's Shaggy Rogers appear on more than one occasion with memes about the Multiversus fighter's power levels being abundant.

This is clearly a meme that Multiversus developer Player First Games has enjoyed a lot, to the point of referencing the "ultra-instinct" Shaggy directly by giving the character, voiced by fan-favourite Matthew Lillard, a Dragon Ball style power-up.

So for those of us wanting to embrace the meme and use 100% of our power, how do we play as Shaggy? Here's what you need to know.

How to Play as Shaggy in Multiversus?

The character of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo on the Multiversus character select screen in his Uncle Shagworthy skin
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Shaggy is the first character many people will play in Multiversus, being the tutorial character used to teach people the basic mechanics of the game when they load it up for the first time. This was initially changed to Wonder Woman but has reverted back to Shaggy.

As a bruiser character, Shaggy is all about the heavy damage dealing hits to try and quickly build up his opponents' damage gauge for easier K.O.s. Bruisers are all about fast combos with slower charged attacks or, in the case of Shaggy, charging himself up to become raged which allows him to deal even more damage and even heal an ally.

Shaggy's Move-Set

As is the case for all characters in Multiversus, their move-sets consist of ground and air attacks as well as special attacks and a passive ability unique to them.

Below you can find the full move list for Shaggy including any additional effects granted to him via his ability and charge up into a raged state. Please note that these are keyboard controls and should be substituted for your controller's button of choice for attack and special respectively.

The full move-set for the Multiversus character Shaggy teaching players how to play.
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