PUBG Mobile: Why Bluehole Mode should stick around - Safety Scramble, Update 0.18.0, Season 13 & more

PUBG Mobile is a game about tactics and reflexes. But regardless of how good you are at the game, there's always the chance a player camping in the zone will sneak a victory.

It's a classic problem with the battle royale genre. While players are incentivized to clash over loot, others can still steal victories without taking that risk.

PUBG Mobile introduced a new way to combat this problem with Bluehole Mode, also known as Safety Scramble, the new game mode which went live on 7 May.

Let's go over what Bluehole Mode adds and why it should stick around.

Bluehole Mode vs. Safety Scramble

Bluehole Mode, otherwise known as Safety Scramble, brings a new anti-camping mechanic that could be an important part of the PUBG Mobile ecosystem. So important that the mechanic itself should be called Bluehole Mode, and the game mode as Safety Scramble. That is how we will refer to these terms.

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MADNESS- Mad Miramar brought plenty of new content to PUBG Mobile

And while Safety Scramble is good, Bluehole Mode is really what should stick around long after Update 0.18.0.

Bluehole Mode starts the game with two different zones. The larger zone we've all come to expect, represents where gas will soon push to. This zone will shrink over the game forcing players to meet in the middle.

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The second zone in Bluehole Mode is where the magic happens, though. This zone starts at the beginning of the game, taking out the center area of the bigger zone. In this smaller zone, players take damage.

That means players can't run straight to the middle of the zone to hide until the end of the match, and it means there's an entirely new element to the game of fighting players around that zone, and sometimes risking the zone to avoid the end-game gunfights.

Bluehole Mode in other battle royales

Bluehole Mode's utility in the battle royale genre goes far beyond PUBG Mobile alone. This mechanic could easily make its way into games like Fortnite, COD Mobile, COD Warzone, and more.

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NO TRESPASSING- Stay out of the second zone in Bluehole Mode or take damage

While there are merits to fighting for the center of the zone throughout the game in battle royales, a center that does slightly move throughout the game, Bluehole Mode cuts out some of the most game-breaking camping that punishes players looking for action.

For these reasons, it needs to be a permanent inclusion in PUBG Mobile, heading into Season 13 and beyond.

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