PUBG Mobile Season 14 Release Date CONFIRMED: Live Now, Season Length, Season 13 End Date, Rewards, Royale Pass, Update 0.19.0 & More!

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PUBG Mobile has put together yet another awesome new season filled with content.

Season 14 comes with a unique theme that is taken different ways across the many unlockable cosmetics.

Let's go over all the details of Season 14 its release date.

Season 13 End Date

Season 13 finished on 12 July.

PUBG Mobile new season14 content
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TAKE AIM - Use attachments to take an advantage of open spaces!

That means those that were still grinding out their seasonal rewards missed out, but there's plenty more to do with Season 14!

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Season 14 Release Date confirmed

PUBG Mobile has now confirmed the start date of Season 14!

Season 14 will not start directly after the close of Season 13.

Instead, Season 14 will start on 14 July. That means it's live now, so don't miss out on the action of release day!

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COSMETICS - PUBG Mobile has some amazing cosmetics!

With the new season comes tons of amazing new cosmetics, so you won't want to miss it.

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Season Length

Each season of PUBG Mobile lasts around two months (eight weeks).

PUBG Mobile Season 13 AWM
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AWM DOMINATION - The AWM is considered one of the best weapon in PUBG!

Season 14 will start on 12 July and will likely end on 6 September.

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However, some content may receive delays, making the season slightly longer.

Royale Pass

The Season 14 Royale Pass will launch with the release of the new season.

pubg mobile uaz
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UAZ - Use the UAZ to get around the PUBG map!

This means you'll have around eight weeks to complete the Royale Pass.

If you plan to play the new season, it's definitely worth purchasing the new Pass for some amazing cosmetics.

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Update 0.19.0

pubg mobile update 0 19 0
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LIVE NOW!: Update 0.19.0 is live, and brings tons of new content to help along the wait for Season 14

While we're all anxiously awaiting Season 14, there's already some amazing new content live in PUBG Mobile thanks to the newest patch Update 0.19.0.

This update includes a new map, new game modes, and plenty more. So while the wait isn't over just yet for Season 14, there's still plenty to do in PUBG Mobile.

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