PUBG Mobile Season 14 Release Date: Season Length, Season 13 End Date, Royale Pass & More!

The new season will bring with it lots of new rewards, skins, and cosmetics – but when will it start?

by Oscar Dobbins
pubgmobile season 14 release

PUBG Mobile has given us some amazing and unique content to experience.

Every season, we’ve received cosmetic and gameplay updates to keep the game feeling fresh and fun for all players.

Nothing is changing with the release of Season 14. We’ll be getting brand new cosmetics to grind for, as well as a host of updates to the map, weapons and more!

But when does Season 14 start and, how long will this Season last?


Season 13 End Date

Season 13 is set to finish on 12 July.

PUBG Mobile new season14 content
TAKE AIM – Use attachments to take an advantage of open spaces!

On this date, the Royale Pass will come to an end and you’ll no longer be able to earn the rewards from it.

So make sure you get to the final tier of the Pass before this date!

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Fortunately, Season 14 will kick off shortly after this, so you won’t have to wait very long before you can start playing again.

Season 14 Release Date

Season 14 is set to start almost immediately after the close of Season 13.

That happens on 12 July, but Season 14 might not start until 13 July.

golden mirado pubg mobile update 1 18 0
COSMETICS – PUBG Mobile has some amazing cosmetics!

This will bring all the new features and cosmetics of the new season.

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You may have to update the app/game on this day, so make sure you’re ready for this at release.

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Season Length

Each season of PUBG Mobile lasts around two months (eight weeks).

PUBG Mobile Season 13 AWM
AWM DOMINATION – The AWM is considered one of the best weapon in PUBG!

Season 14 will start on 12 July and will likely end on 6 September.

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However, some content may receive delays, making the season slightly longer.


Royale Pass

The Season 14 Royale Pass will launch with the release of the new season.

pubg mobile uaz
UAZ – Use the UAZ to get around the PUBG map!

This means you’ll have around eight weeks to complete the Royale Pass.

If you plan to play the new season, it’s definitely worth purchasing the new Pass for some amazing cosmetics.

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Oscar Dobbins