PUBG Mobile Lite: Update 0.17.0 - Release date, Payload Mode, BDRM-2, Falcon & more

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PUBG Mobile Season 13 is almost upon us, but that's not the only big update coming to PUBG. Not even the only one coming to PUBG mobile games.

PUBG Mobile Lite may not get as much credit as it deserves, but the faster pace and unique approach makes for its own experience. And that PUBG Mobile Lite experience is getting some major changes coming in Update 0.17.0.

Let's go over everything we know about the upcoming Update 0.17.0 in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Payload Mode

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ALL ACTION: Ditch the wheels and pick up the all new helicopter in PUBG Mobile Lite Update 0.17.0

PUBG Mobile added two new game modes in its Update 1.18.0, Bluehole Mode and Jungle Adventure. PUBG Mobile Lite is following suit. In PUBG Mobile Lite's Update 0.17.0, we will be receiving the long-awaited Payload Mode.

Payload Mode will introduce the helicopter and new guns like grenade launchers to add some devastating firepower to the PUBG Mobile Lite experience.

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Payload Mode will emulate the game mode of the same name that released previously for PUBG Mobile.

New vehicles

PUBG Mobile Lite BDRM 2
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HEAVY DUTY- The BDRM-2 can take quite a punch in PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile has seen several new vehicles over the years, most recently with the golden Mirado being added in Mad Miramar Update 1.18.0.

PUBG Mobile Lite will have its own new vehicle with Patch 0.17.0, the BDRM-2.

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New cosmetics

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DAPPER- It's important to look your best in all of the PUBG mobile games

Update 0.17.0 brings new clothes to PUBG Mobile Lite, and a new cosmetic pet that follows the player into action.

The new cosmetic pet is a falcon, and while it's just for looks, it's an awesome visual addition to PUBG Mobile Lite.


Release Date

pubg mobile season 13 release date
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LIVE- PUBG Mobile Lite's Update 0.17.0 is live now for download

PUBG Mobile Lite Update 0.17.0 is officially live for download. It has been in beta for some time to test out the new features in action.

That means you can jump right into Payload Mode and battle it out for the helicopter with your trusty falcon on your shoulder.

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