The Most Realistic Sliders in MLB The Show 24

MLB The Show 24 gameplay footage

MLB The Show 24 gameplay footage

MLB The Show 24 was one of the most anticipated sports games of 2024, and deservedly so, as it delivers an immersive experience and introduced many improvements.

However, there are certain settings you can change to make the MLB The Show 24 gameplay feel even more realistic and immersive, with sliders being the most impactful ones. This is especially important for Franchise mode players, as you want to have the most realistic experience possible when playing the mode.

So let's find out which are the most realistic sliders in MLB The Show 24.

MLB The Show 24 most realistic sliders

Sliders allow you to customize your MLB The Show 24 experience, either making it more realistic or video game-like.

Finding the most realistic sliders can be quite hard since there are plenty of different slider options in the game, but also significantly improves your gameplay experience.

This is especially the case if you want MLB The Show 24 to feel as close as possible to a real baseball game, even if that makes the game a little harder. That's why the Dynamic Difficulty Sensitivity slider is one of the most important ones, as it affects the difficulty of the games, and you should leave it on five.

MLB The Show 24 sliders
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The Human Starter Stamina should be set to seven, as it allows your starting pitchers to pitch for a longer time, and not be taken out of the game after just a few pitches.

Another slider you want to make sure you change is the Baserunner Steal Frequency. Have this one on seven, as it's the perfect balance for base stealing. You don't have to see a base be stolen every play but it's also unrealistic to go a plethora of games without any base steals.

The rest of the sliders are mostly default ones, but there are still a few you should slightly adjust. You can check all the sliders below.

All realistic sliders

  • Dynamic Difficulty Sensitivity: 5
  • Human Contac: 5
  • Human Power: 5
  • Human Timing: 5
  • Human Foul Frequency: 5
  • Human Solid Hits: 5
  • Human Starter Stamina: 7
  • Human Reliever Stamina: 5
  • Human Pitcher Control: 5
  • Human Pitcher Consistency: 4
MLB The Show 24 gameplay footage
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  • CPU Contact: 7
  • CPU Power: 5
  • CPU Timing: 5
  • CPU Foul Frequency: 5
  • CPU Solid Hits: 5
  • CPU Starter Stamina: 6
  • CPU Reliever Stamina: 5
  • CPU Pitcher Control: 5
  • CPU Pitcher Consistency: 5
  • CPU Strike Frequency: 5
  • CPU Manager Hook: 5
  • CPU Pickoffs: 5
MLB The Show 24 training facility
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  • Fastball Pitch Speed: 6
  • Ofspedd Pitch Speed: 6
  • Fielding Errors Infield: 5
  • Fielding Errors Outfield: 5
  • Throwing Errors Infield: 5
  • Throwing Errors Outfield: 2
  • Fielder Run Speed: 5
  • Fielder Reaction: 5
  • Fielder Arm Strength Infield: 3
MLB The Show 24 Arizona Diamondback player
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  • Fielder Arm Strength Outfield: 4
  • Baserunner Speed: 4
  • Baserunner Steal Ability: 5
  • Baserunner Steal Frequency: 7
  • Wind: 5
  • Gameplay Injury Frequency: 10
  • Simulator Injury Frequency: 5
  • Trade Frequency: 5

We hope these sliders help you have the most realistic MLB The Show 24 gameplay experience possible.

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