MLB The Show 24: Gameplay improvements revealed

MLB The Show 24 Gameplay Trailer Footage

MLB The Show 24 Gameplay Trailer Footage

MLB The Show 24 has just announced a plethora of gameplay improvements, which aim to improve the player's gaming experience and make the game as immersive as possible.

These improvements include new animations, new throws, new base sizes and the addition of four new pitching gestures. Furthermore, AI is also smarter and more efficient in this year's title.

So, without further ado, let's find out all the gameplay improvements MLB The Show 24 is introducing.

MLB The Show 24 gameplay improvements

The MLB The Show 24 gameplay improvements aim to take the game to a new level, making it the most realistic and enjoyable gaming experience possible.

To do that, 400 new animations were added and others tuned, with logic improvements being made to all of them. The main focus is "fielder urgency", something the community has complained about for a long time and that MLB The Show 24 is finally addressing.

As mentioned above, plenty of first base throws animations were also introduced, making first base throws more efficient. Pitcher animations also underwent some changes, with more animations now allowing pitchers "to step off to fake throw and potentially nab the runner".

MLB The Show 24 Gameplay Trailer Footage
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Credit: MLB The Show

The base sizes were changed in MLB The Show 24, and because of that improved logic and tag animations were added. This was done to account for the extra coverage needed.

When it comes to the Pinpoint Pitching feature, the game is introducing four new pitching gestures and some changes to the sinker pitch. The sinker pitch is now substantially more difficult to perform, which was exactly what the MLB The Show community had been asking for.

It's also worth noting that, players will now be able to experience the Pinpoint Pitching feature from a lefty’s perspective.

Hitting will remanin untocuhed in MLB The Show 24

While pitchers underwent plenty of changes, with new throw animations and even four new pitching gestures introduced, hitting will remain unchanged.

According to the MLB The Show developers, they are quite happy with the current state of hitting, especially because they received a lot of positive feedback from the community regarding the changes introduced to the feature in MLB The Show 23.

If it ain't broke don't change it and developers decided to do just that. So you can expect hitting to feel the same in this year's title as it did in the previous one.

MLB The Show 24 Gameplay Trailer Footage
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Credit: MLB The Show

However, I'm not sure these small gameplay improvements are enough to captivate players to buy the game. MLB The Show 24 needs to announce some new and exciting features and do it as soon as possible, as the game launch date is quickly approaching.

We expect more information about the game, especially new features, to be revealed soon, so stay tuned.

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