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A new MLB The Show 23 program has been announced and will arrive this Friday. The Mexico City Series program is coming to Diamond Dynasty and brings ten great cards. These players cover a variety of positions and can add more depth to an already good squad.

As the name of the program indicates, all the players are from Mexico. They are also all core cards. By being core cards, players can use them in all of the upcoming MLB The Show 23 sets. This makes them very valuable.

So, without further ado, let's find out everything about the exciting Mexico City Series program.

MLB The Show 23 Mexico City Series Program

As mentioned above, the Mexico City Series program will arrive at Diamond Dynasty on Friday. It goes live at 12 AM PT/ 20 PM GMT.

The program is inspired by real-life events. It's going to celebrate the two matches between the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants. Matches that will take place in Mexico City, on 29 and 30 April.

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The Mexico City Series program brings us some incredible cards.

It brings some amazing cards, with 94 OVR Isaac Paredes, 91 OVR Giovanny Gallegos, and 91 OVR José Urquidy being the faces of the program. However, all the other players also have very good cards. They can be used to upgrade your squad or add more depth to it.

As usual, players will need to complete tasks, missions, and moments, to earn these cards. When it comes to moments, players will be required to recreate a special moment from real life. The program will also have other rewards, such as Show packs, Stubs, and items.

All of these rewards will help you upgrade your team and complete collections. They can also be used in the exchange program. More information about the program will be available in the future. So, we will make sure to update the article regularly.

Diamond Duos 10 pack has arrived

MLB The Show 23 has announced a new Diamond Duos pack, which arrived yesterday at Diamond Dynasty. Just like the previous packs, it brings two incredible players, that any user would love to have in their squad.

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Kris Bryan and Luis Severino are two of the best cards in the game!

Players can already acquire the Diamond Duos 10 pack in the shop. If they are lucky, they will be able to get one insane card. This card will secure them plenty of wins in Diamond Dynasty. If you want to learn everything about this pack, check out our guide.

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