MLB The Show 23 Release Date CONFIRMED

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The road to MLB The Show 23 is coming to an end as we are close to the release date of this next instalment in the franchise.

MLB The Show 23 will have plenty of new features, with fans being eager to get their hands on the game.


So, let's find out when MLB The Show 23 will be available to play, and on which platforms.

MLB The Show 23 Release Date

The Houston Astros proved themselves World Series Champions once again last season (this time with fewer strings attached), and fans are eager for the start of the 2023 season.

In addition to another year of baseball, that means another year of MLB The Show coming as MLB The Show 23 looms just a few days away.

MLB The Show 23 will be released worldwide on Tuesday, 28 March. For players with Early Access, the game will be available on Friday, 24 March.

The Major League Baseball opening day is set for Thursday, 30 March.


Pre Orders and Early Access

Of course, fans of the franchise will be able to get on MLB The Show 23 sooner via Pre-Order bonuses and Early Access.

The window for Pre-Orders opened on Monday, 6 February, with four editions of the game being released.

Each edition comes with different bonuses, with the Digital Deluxe and The Captain Editions both offering four days of Early Access, starting on Friday, 24 March.

Price & Platforms

The actual launch of MLB The Show 23 is just a few days away and the build toward that release is progressing nicely!

As mentioned above, Pre-Orders went live on Monday, 6 February, with the prices as follows:

  • Standard Edition Current-Gen - $69.99
  • Standard Edition Last-Gen - $59.99
  • Digital Deluxe Edition - $99.99
  • The Captain Edition (PlayStation & Xbox only) - $99.99

MLB The Show 22 continued the expansion started with MLB The Show 21 by taking the game to Nintendo Switch for the first time and Xbox for only the second year.

This year will see the title released over all the same platforms, with the main version coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox X|S, with the last-gen platforms of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch not gaining all the features of the current-gen.

Tech Test

The much-hyped Tech Test for MLB The Show 23 has now been and gone!

It gave users a chance to try out the game and provide feedback to the designers before the worldwide release.

PS5, PS4, Xobx X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch users were able to download the Tech Test for free via the PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace or Nintendo Switch Online.


The Tech Test went live on Wednesday, 15 February and ended on Tuesday, 21 February.

Many game modes were able to be accessed during the MLB The Show 23 Tech Test, including:

Diamond Dynasty

  • Battle Royale – Draft your Diamond Dynasty squad and take on other online players. Build different types of teams to test the new gameplay changes.
  • Events – Try your hand at different, time-limited events where you need to configure your team to meet the event criteria for a chance to earn new rewards from each event.
  • Play vs CPU – This one is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Play with Friends – Invite Friends to play MLB The Show 23 online with.
  • Game Invites – Check your invites from Friends to join their games.
  • Casual – Quickly hop into a game and play just for the fun of it.
  • Ranked Co-Op – Join other online players and work together to defeat opponents to earn ratings and climb divisions. Play games before the Ranked Co-Op Season ends to earn rewards.

Co-Op – Team up with other online players for 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 games against others.


Custom Practice – Choose your favourite teams to practice as and against in your desired stadium to hone your skills.

Options Explorer – Discover and save gameplay options that work for you.

MLB The Show 23 New Legends

MLB The Show 23 will introduce some legendary players. Fans love being able to play with their childhood heroes, and they will have the chance to do just that.

MLB The Show 23 Jake Peavy
Jake Peavy is the most recent Legend added to MLB The Show 23

Mike Lowell, Greg Vaughn, Ian Kinsler, Carlos Pena, and Jake Peavy, are all the new legends announced so far.

We still don't know the OVR of these legends, but we will be able to find out shortly. The ratings reveal show takes place on Wednesday, 8 March, at 9 AM PT/ 17 PM GMT, and will provide us with all the information about these cards.