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Spring training is done and Opening Day is closing in, which means the MLB The Show 23 release date is close! The official game of the baseball season is rapidly approaching and fans everywhere can't wait.

For those that grabbed the early access editions it is already baseball season, but the full global release of the San Diego Studio title is almost upon us. MLB The Show 23 will have plenty of new features, but also sees the return of classic and beloved game modes from previous titles.

So, let's find out when MLB The Show 23 will be available to play, and on which platforms.


We in the very last moments of waiting for the full release of MLB The Show 23. Depending on where you are in the world, you may already have access to the game.

MLB The Show 23 should unlock for players at moment the calendar ticks over to 28 March 2023.

Those in New Zealand will be able to play 17 hours earlier than players in New York, while for those in the UK you can see a countdown timer for release below!

MLB The Show 23 global release COUNTDOWN

MLB The Show 23 release date

Early access for MLB The Show 23 has already started, but the global release for the Standard Edition is just around the corner. Players can once again try to lead their team to World Series glory or create the best squad around in Diamond Dynasty.

Aaron Judge in MLB The Show 23
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ALL RISE - Aaron Judge will be fearsome this year

The official MLB The Show 23 release date is Tuesday, 28 March. For players with Early Access, the game will be available on Friday, 24 March.

The Major League Baseball opening day is set for Thursday, 30 March.

Pre Orders and Early Access

Of course, fans of the franchise will be able to get on MLB The Show 23 sooner via Pre-Order bonuses and Early Access.

The window for Pre-Orders opened on Monday, 6 February, with four editions of the game being released.

Each edition comes with different bonuses, with the Digital Deluxe and The Captain Editions both offering four days of Early Access, starting on Friday, 24 March.

Price & Platforms

The actual launch of MLB The Show 23 is just a few days away and the build toward that release is progressing nicely!

As mentioned above, Pre-Orders went live on Monday, 6 February, with the prices as follows:

  • Standard Edition Current-Gen - $69.99
  • Standard Edition Last-Gen - $59.99
  • Digital Deluxe Edition - $99.99
  • The Captain Edition (PlayStation & Xbox only) - $99.99

MLB The Show 22 continued the expansion started with MLB The Show 21 by taking the game to Nintendo Switch for the first time and Xbox for only the second year.

This year will see the title released over all the same platforms, with the main version coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox X|S, with the last-gen platforms of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch not gaining all the features of the current-gen.

MLB The Show 23 Ratings

After months of waiting, MLB The Show 23 ratings have finally been revealed.

The ratings reveal is one of the most expected moments of every MLB The Show game. It allows fans to finally see the stats of the best players in the game, increasing the excitement for the new game release even more.

Fans also got access to the MLB teams' ratings, with the best five-player of every team being displayed.

MLB The Show 23 ratings
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Aaron Judge is once again a 99 OVR

New York Yankees superstar, Aaron Judge, received a 99 OVR and is once again among the best players in the game.

Shohei Otani, Mike Trout, Paul Goldschmidt, and Jacob deGrom, didn´t fall behind the New York Yankees player, as they have a 99 OVR too.

Justin Verlander had a 98 OVR, with Mookie Betts, Max Scherzer, and Nolan Arenado, coming a little bit behind with a 96 OVR rating. Corbin Burnes is the tenth-best player in the game, with a 95 OVR.

It's worth noting that, these ratings are just for Franchise Mode, Road To The Show, and all the other game modes apart from Diamond Dynasty.

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