MLB The Show 22: Claim 10 free packs with this Xbox Game Pass bundle

MLB The Show 22 has just arrived with a worldwide launch, and there are already free rewards available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

We've got details on how to claim your Game Pass perks for MLB The Show 22 and when this offer is set to expire.

MLB The Show 22: How to claim free packs from Xbox Game Pass

MLB The Show 22 has now landed Day One on Xbox Game Pass, and that means all subscribers can download and play right away.

However, something that's less clear is that Xbox Game Pass subscribers also gain access to a bundle of free packs via their subscription.

MLB THe Show 22 free packs
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FREE FREE FREE: Don't miss out on your chance to snag these freebies

In order to claim these rewards, you'll need to open up and be logged into the Xbox Game Pass app on your console or your mobile phone.

While both methods work fine, it's quicker on console as redeeming the perk will trigger the redemption code to immediately be plugged in.

If you choose to claim the perk on your phone, you'll then need to screenshot or leave that screen up as you launch your console and punch in the code manually.

In both cases, a full bundle of 10 The Show Packs will be delivered to your account in-game, and you can open these in Diamond Dynasty.

You won't have to go somewhere special to confirm receipt of them in-game, they should automatically populate in your inventory and you should receive a message in your profile inbox confirming this.

When will this bundle expire?

If you're not currently an Xbox Game Pass subscriber but are wondering if you can take advantage sometime down the line, there's good news on that front.

While this bundle isn't available indefinitely, there's not a time crunch as the offer does not expire until July 5, 2022.

That gives players three whole months if they wish to get Xbox Game Pass and MLB The Show 22 at a later time but still want to snag these free packs for Diamond Dynasty.

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