MLB The Show 22: Diamond Dynasty Weekly To-Do List, invest for Roster Update

MLB The Show 22 is thriving with Spring Cleanup in Diamond Dynasty, but there's always more on the way and it's difficult to decide where to focus.

Our Diamond Dynasty Weekly To-Do List helps you know how to play MLB The Show 22 this week to ensure you don't miss out on any major events.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Weekly Schedule (May 9)

MLB The Show 22 is rolling strong with their second Featured Program in the form of Spring Cleanup, but there's plenty of upcoming content on the docket.

First, let's take a look at the current MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty schedule as of May 9:

  • May 10: Chase Pack Set 2 adds 97 OVR Takashi Series Legend
  • May 12: April Monthly Awards Event ends at 11am PT
  • May 12: Moonshot Event begins at Noon PT
  • May 13: Other Program with packs & Legend hitter added
  • May 13: New Topps Now players and moments added
  • May 13: Headliners Set 13 Pack released
  • May 13: Double XP activated, likely at least through the weekend
  • May 13: Roster Update will make the next ratings changes
  • May 20: Spring Cleanup Featured Program ends at 11am PT

While we don't know the confirmed details of the Other Program being added, the most likely culprit is the May Monthly Awards Program.

With new Topps Now being added and the way they interwove that with April Monthly Awards, we expect that pattern to continue throughout the season.

You can find the ongoing Diamond Dynasty Content Schedule here.

Final push for April Monthly Awards Event

With a new Event on the way, that also means the final push is here for the April Monthly Awards Event.

This Event is set to expire on Thursday, May 12, 2022 at approximately 11am PT, but rest assured the April Monthly Awards Program will not be going away.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Weekly To-Do List
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TICK TOCK: This event only lasts for a few more days in Diamond Dynasty

If you're hoping to snag the Flashback Topps Now Trevor Story, there's only a few more days to snag the wins to make it happen.

Prepare your Common Pitchers for the Moonshot Event

The departure of the April Monthly Awards Event also signals the arrival of a new one, and this time it's the return of a fan favorite.

The Moonshot Event returns, and once again it's time to stock up on some of the best Common Pitchers for you to use in this Event.

Invest ahead of the Roster Update

MLB The Show 22 has now confirmed the next Roster Update for May 13, and that means more ratings changes are an opportunity to make Stubs.

If there are any players you feel confident are going up this week, invest now so you can sell for even more when they do see their ratings rise.

Plan to play this weekend for Double XP

Finally, the best thing you do this week may be to simply prepare for the weekend, as we know Double XP will activate on Friday, May 13, 2022 at approximately Noon PT.

This will be the final weekend of the Spring Cleanup program, and as such Double XP will go at least through the weekend but may continue all the way to the conclusion of that program.

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