MLB The Show 22: Moonshot Weekend Event returns, best pitchers

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MLB The Show 22 continues to bring new fresh content to Diamond Dynasty after launch, and the fan-favorite Moonshot Event is back once again.

We've got all the details you need on how long Moonshot Weekend 2 will last and some of the best pitchers to use in this MLB The Show 22 Event.

Latest - Moonshot Weekend 2 begins with new rules


The return of Moonshot in MLB The Show 22 has been accompanied by a surprise twist when it comes to the pitchers that can be used.

While it had required Common pitchers in the past, this version that's now live allows up to Bronze pitchers, but they have to be right-handed.

The Common pitchers that worked before are still an option (if right-handed), but there are some great new options now available.

We've got more details here on when Moonshot Weekend 2 ends and some of the best pitchers you can use for it.

MLB The Show 22: Moonshot Event Start & End Date

One of the many Diamond Dynasty game modes returning in MLB The Show 22 is Events, and we've got a new one on the way with Moonshot.

The Moonshot Event has always been a fan-favorite, as it comes with the lone restriction of using relatively weak pitchers against the best hitters in the game.

This sets players up to hit home runs at a much higher rate than normal and leads to one of the most fun events to many.

As we near the end of the Spring Cleanup program, we're getting a special treat with the return of Moonshot for the second time this year.

MLB The Show 22 Moonshot Common Pitchers best
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THE REVEAL: We'll learn the Moonshot reward when the event goes live

Moonshot is set to return at 11am PT on Thursday, May 12, 2022, and it will conclude on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 11am PT.

Players can also look forward to the activation of Double XP soon as well, and we've got more details here on everything else hitting Diamond Dynasty this week.


Best Common Pitchers for Moonshot in MLB The Show 22

Every year the arrival of the Moonshot Event brings out a question that basically nothing else in the game begs people to ask, who is the best common pitcher in Diamond Dynasty?

With an MLB The Show 22 Roster Update looming, it's also good to have a handful in mind as some could see their ratings increased on Friday and go from Common to Bronze.

We've pinpointed four names that are extremely cheap right now and should be a good pickup for your squad and why:

  • J.C. Mejia (SP) - Milwaukee Brewers
    • Mejia has a good 5-pitch array, including big speed differences between them, and surprisingly good ratings in Velocity and Break.
  • Bryse Wilson (SP) - Pittsburgh Pirates
    • Wilson has a very slow Slurve in his arsenal and good Break to boot, plus solid Velocity and a Sinker and 4-Seam FB to work with.
  • Aaron Sanchez (SP) - Free Agent
    • Sanchez can lean on a slow Sweeping Curve paired with the Sinker, and solid Break and pretty decent HR/9 for such a low-level player.
  • Chi Chi Gonzalez (SP) - Free Agent
    • Gonzalez has a solid arsenal, Velocity, Break, BB/9, and HR/9 that come together for another decent option.

You're not going to get out of the Moonshot Event unscathed with any pitchers, but mixing up your pitch speeds and locations with players like these can help you at least allow fewer runs than your opponent.