MLB The Show 22 Roster Update: Trout takes a dive in latest player ratings shift

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With the season rolling strong, the regular MLB The Show 22 Roster Update has continued to arrive with player ratings always in flux.

We've got details on every MLB The Show 22 Roster Update so far and when the next set of player ratings changes are expected in Diamond Dynasty.

Latest - Trout dips while 5 new Diamonds arrive


While he jumped up to an astronomical 97 OVR in the first big Roster Update, Mike Trout has slipped back down to just 96 OVR in the last set of changes.

We also got five new Diamonds in Yordan Alvarez, Tommy Edman, Tim Anderson, Kenley Jansen, and Taylor Rogers as well as several new Golds.

We've got more details here on the top names who saw their ratings change in this Roster Update.

MLB The Show 22 Roster Update: All Player Rating Changes

MLB The Show 22 once again brings back the Live Series, and these special cards will see player ratings in flux all throughout the MLB season.

This core set featuring all active players from every MLB team changes and evolves with each MLB The Show 22 Roster Update.

MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Diamond Dynasty Ratings changes Live Series
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COLLECTIONS: The first copy of a Live Series card can't be sold once collected, but any duplicates can

Here, we've got details and a link to every MLB The Show 22 Roster Update since launch:


We expected the biweekly format seen for MLB The Show 21 would continue this year, and the latest Roster Update did confirm in-game they are planning attribute updates every two weeks.

They'll continue to do a smaller Roster Update on off weeks that includes transactions, new players, and position changes.

We expect another full Roster Update to land on the following dates:

  • May 27
  • June 10
  • June 24
  • July 8

If these ring true, it would also bring things close to All-Star Week from July 15 to July 19 including the Home Run Derby on July 18, 2022.

Last year we saw some new cards and ratings updates timed around those events, so the regular schedule may shift slightly when those arrive.

We've got more details here on the current confirmed Diamond Dynasty Schedule for future content releases.

How to use each player rating update to invest in Stubs

While veteran players already know what to expect, new players may not realize how valuable each MLB The Show 22 Roster Update can be.


Flipping cards before and after these player rating changes to the Live Series can be a massive way to earn Stubs.

Last year, that was made a bit easier by the fact that cards only increased in quick sell value when they jumped between tiers (Silver to Gold, Gold to Diamond, etc).

This meant the hunt was always on for any cards near the top of the Gold threshold that could jump to Diamond, as players could invest in them and see a major return by quick selling after they jumped to Diamond in a Roster Update.

MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Diamond Dynasty Ratings changes Live Series
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WORK THE MARKET: Investments are a risk, but sometimes they have a big payoff

Things will be a bit more challenging this year, but there's even more potential as they've changed the quick sell values to increase at every point rather than only at the tiers, as seen above compared to last year's values.


If you spot a player that's thriving in the MLB but seems to be lower rated than you believe they deserve, that could be a valuable investment in Diamond Dynasty.

It's always a risk, but if you get several of a card and it sees a major rating boost, you can easily quick sell in bulk and reap tons of Stubs to use in Diamond Dynasty.