Franchise Mode breathes new life in MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode has finally returned now that the game is available for all players, and things are looking better than ever.

We've got all the details you need on what changed this year in Franchise Mode and how to make the most of your journey to the World Series in MLB The Show 21.

Latest - Guides to improve your gameplay

If you're heading into a long Franchise Mode, chances are you'll be playing several games and important moments throughout the season.

If you've got some particular part of your gameplay that's lacking and needs improvement, we've got guides to help you fine-tune and improve in those areas.

Check out our guides on hitting, pitching, fielding, and baserunning to improve your skills and pave the way to the World Series.

Franchise Mode Tips and Tricks

MLB The Show 21 took what was already one of the top Franchise Modes in sports gaming and gave it yet another upgrade this here.

With so many different layers to Franchise Mode, it can be daunting to decide what approach to choose or how much to get involved while managing a franchise.

MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode
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BUILDING A LEGACY: Start small and build for years

If you're new to Franchise Mode, or looking for some guidance on how to tackle things this year, we've got an extensive Survival Guide that can be found here.

You'll find details on best options, how to control your Minor League clubs, and much more.

What's the best team in Franchise Mode?

If you're looking to enjoy Franchise Mode and don't have much of a preference on which team to choose, or which to edit into your Custom Team, there are some standouts to look at.

MLb The Show 21 Franchise Mode Best Teams
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BEST OF THE BEST: Only one team can be number one

The top of the bunch is unsurprisingly the World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers, but they're far from the only worthwhile choice.

Check out our list of all the best teams in Franchise Mode, best budgets, and more.

MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode New Features

While some of the work done on Franchise Mode sits beneath the surface to make everything better without coming to the attention of players, there are some clear upgrades this year.

New Depth Chart

The first, and probably most obvious, difference for veteran players in MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode should be the new depth chart developed this year.

MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode New Features
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LOOK AHEAD: The new depth chart lets you view future seasons

Not only will it provide a visual upgrade, but this new depth chart is packed with information about the current and even future roster of your Franchise.

Trade Metric & Player Metric

These two new metrics developed for MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode go hand in hand to help the game recognize whether a player is worth what they're being paid.

It automatically plays a role in the game's upgraded Trade Logic, which helps make trading much more accurate and realistic in MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode.

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Custom Teams & Stadium Creator

Custom Teams have always been a fan favorite part of Franchise Mode, and that's gotten even more customizable this year with the addition of Stadium Creator.

MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode New Features
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UP TO YOU: Franchise Mode lets you customize the entire league

Players are able to create and save 30 different Stadium Creator ballparks in Franchise Mode and select exactly where every team in the league, even minor league clubs, are playing.

New Budget System

Going hand in hand with the new trade logic and depth chart, MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode also has a completely revamped budget system.

The convoluted weekly chaos of years past is gone, and now players have access to a much more easily understood yearly system that should help in making contract decisions and with trade negotiations.

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