March to October is Diamond Dynasty's secret weapon

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MLB The Show 21 landed on multiple platforms last month, but the value of March to October for game modes like Diamond Dynasty has been overlooked.

If players want to take full advantage of what MLB The Show 21 has to offer, March to October is a place they'll also need to spend some time.


March to October is a hidden gem in Diamond Dynasty

If you're trying out Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 21, one of the biggest challenges is finding new and effective ways to snag powerful cards.

MLB The Show 21 March to October Diamond Dynasty Team Affinity
MARCH TO OCTOBER: Fast track your team to the World Series

While you can always search the Community Market for certain cards, chances are you'll eventually run out of stubs and need to find another method.

While it may come as a surprise to many players, March to October is a major opportunity to boost your fortunes in Diamond Dynasty.

Diamond Dynasty and the Team Affinity Program

The way you'll be helping yourself in Diamond Dynasty is through the Team Affinity Program, which has separate reward tracks for all six divisions in the MLB.

MLB The Show 21 March to October Diamond Dynasty Team Affinity
THE FAVORITES: The expectations are worth the rewards if you succeed with a top-tier team

If you want rewards centered on the AL West, you'll be able to complete different moments and missions to earn Team Affinity Points.

These will earn you Stubs at some stages, but largely you'll be rewarded with many different packs and choice packs to be opened for Diamond Dynasty.

March to October is a Team Affinity goldmine

One of the many ways to earn Team Affinity Points for that reward track is by playing March to October, and the Team Affinity Program for whichever division the team you're playing as belongs to will earn points as you play.

MLB The Show 21 March to October Diamond Dynasty Team Affinity
REAP THE REWARDS: Score Team Affinity Points in March to October

March to October can be played on many different difficulty levels, and your rewards will increase on higher difficulties, but even playing through it on Beginner nets major rewards.

If you're not consistently performing on a higher difficulty, stay on Beginner and use one of the top teams to chart your path to a World Series victory for major Team Affinity Points.

March to October Tips & Tricks for MLB The Show 21

March to October blends several different parts of MLB The Show 21 in a unique and challenging way.

For the most part, you'll spend March to October playing short chunks of two to four innings at the end of games or playing in a Player Locked moment.

MLB The Show 21 March to October Diamond Dynasty Team Affinity
MOMENTUM: Keeping things rolling plays a huge role in March to October

Failing a key moment isn't the end of the world, and it's still possible to make and ultimately win the World Series even if you have hiccups along the way.

Pop things on Beginner, focus on normal swings, and start working your way through the accelerated season to begin reaping the rewards.

MLB The Show 21 March to October Diamond Dynasty Team Affinity
WIN IT ALL: Take your team all the way to the World Series

Don't be afraid to reach for an 80+ player at one of your weaker positions when you have the opportunity, as those trades can happen.

You'll also have the option to call up players from the minor leagues and perform well to fast track them, which can be helpful and will earn you an achievement, but isn't at all needed for ultimate success in March to October.

Rounding out the 42 Series with Team Affinity

On top of the many other cards you'll earn, perhaps the biggest benefit of the Team Affinity Programs are the 42 Series Choice Packs.

MLB The Show 21 March to October Diamond Dynasty Team Affinity
HONORING JACKIE: Collect the full series named for Jackie Robinson

As you progress in a particular Team Affinity Program, you'll earn a 42 Series Choice Pack multiple times which allows you to round out that Collection.

While you'll also have to acquire the 42 Series Legends in the Diamond Choice Pack, you can earn the amazing 99 OVR Jackie Robinson if you complete the collection.