MLB The Show 21: March to October Survival Guide

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MLB The Show 21 has been thriving since launch, and the multi-platform release of the title has brought it and modes like March to October to a whole new audience.

March to October is a uniquely condensed single-season version of Franchise Mode in MLB The Show 21, and it can be one of the most beneficial, fun, and overlooked parts of the game.


MLB The Show 21 March to October Tips & Tricks

While most players spend their time in Road to the Show, Diamond Dynasty, or Franchise Mode, one of the hidden gems in MLB The Show 21 is March to October.

It can be a challenging and different experience at first, but it gives players the opportunity to power through a full season by only playing key moments throughout the year.

With the major benefit to Team Affinity and the decent XP acquired from playing through March to October, the game mode can be a major boon for players in Diamond Dynasty and elsewhere.

Here, we'll go over some tips and tricks for all the different aspects of March to October so you can chart a path to the World Series and reap the rewards in MLB The Show 21.

Team Affinity Rewards in Diamond Dynasty

Before getting to the process of choosing a team and playing through March to October, it's important to note a key factor that may affect your early decisions.


Team Affinity is a Program in Diamond Dynasty where players can earn Team Affinity Points by completing various in-game tasks and challenges in order to get rewards connected to a particular MLB division.

March to October is a great way to increase Team Affinity because you get major points for the division your March to October team belongs to.

The following table shows how many Team Affinity Points are received at different milestones in March to October based on chosen difficulty, and the evaluation points will vary based on performance or average difficulty if you're using Dynamic.

To get the full benefit of Team Affinity, you always want to try and make it to and win the World Series in March to October, as the rewards are significantly higher in that case.

Choosing Your Team & Difficulty

While you might go with a favorite team your first time through March to October, who you choose needs to be strategic and in consideration of which division you need Team Affinity for.


If you're in need of Team Affinity for the AL West, you might want to pursue March to October with the Houston Astros or Los Angeles Angels.

Teams are divided into four groupings, and they'll have the same default roster and stats as teams do in Franchise Mode.

If you check out our guide to the best teams in Franchise Mode, the rankings are the same for March to October and that guide can also help you make this decision.

March to October specifically isn't a time you need to challenge yourself by taking a low-ranking team to the World Series, because your rewards will be significantly lessened by a poor season performance.

With this in mind, once you know which division you need Team Affinity for, choose the strongest team available in that division for your March to October journey.

As for difficulty, it does you no good to choose a higher difficulty if you can't make it to the postseason and win the World Series.

A terrible performance on Legend with zero postseason victories is going to earn you just 8 Team Affinity Points, but a dominant World Series winning season on Beginner can earn you a full 44 Team Affinity Points.

Key Moment, Team Momentum, and Player Lock Boost

The major mechanic of March to October is that rather than playing a full season, the mode will accelerate you through the weeks into your next Key Moment.

Sometimes you'll find your team down or up in the final three or four innings of the game with the challenge of leading them to a win during that home stretch.


Occasionally, you will have a Key Moment where you're in Player Lock rather than controlling the whole team, and this often leads to a Player Boost for the rest of the season if you perform well in that Key Moment.

Finally, all of this will tie into Team Momentum, which affects how well your team plays in simulated games and innings, and you need to keep Momentum high in order to chart your path to the postseason.

Trade Management

Due to the ways March to October aims to simplify the process compared to Franchise Mode, your control of Trade Management will be limited.

However, it can still be extremely beneficial. Make sure to set team needs and positional needs where your team is lacking.

Don't be afraid to pursue trades for top-tier players with ratings in the 80s and 90s, as you'd be surprised how often a worthwhile offer is made.


How to Fast Track a Prospect

One final aspect to keep in mind with March to October is the handling of prospects from your minor league system.

You'll occasionally be prompted throughout a season to choose a prospect to call up from the minor leagues, and this is influenced by the decisions you made within trade management.

Once a prospect is chosen, you'll have to go through a Player Locked Key Moment with them, and only a successful performance will fast track them straight to your major league team and give them a Player Boost for the season.