MLB The Show 21: Tips for Road to the Show Beginners

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MLB The Show 21 has been intriguing fans with Road to the Show, which might be one of the best single-player Career Mode options available today.

Here are some good tips and tricks to get your Ballplayer moving and get to the. majors in MLB the Show 21 Road to the Show (RTTS).


Latest - MLB The Show 21 Drops 3rd Inning Program

MLB the Show 21 dropped the 3rd Inning Program on Friday, June 4, and it's available all the way until Friday, July 2. The new Inning Program involves a new pizza shaped Conquest map in Diamond Dynasty. Players can conquer different territories on the pizza slice to earn cool new rewards.

With a new Inning Program, comes now bosses to Diamond Dynasty. The Show added Dennis Eckersley, Grady Sizemore and Troy Glaus bosses. Eckerlsey and Sizemore already had cards in Diamond Dynasty, but Glaus in completely new and is very powerful.

There's also three new missions, new conquest rewards, and new collections for the 3rd Inning Program. For more on that, click here.

Top Tips in RTTS for MLB The Show 21 Beginners

The first thing to be aware of in Road to the Show is that most of what you decide can be changed, and little is permanent.

Whether it's what position you play, what pitches you use, even most of the details about your Ballplayer can be edited down the line.

MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show Tips
GET THE REPS: Training makes a big difference in Road to the Show

It can help to start off on one path and keep following it, but the game mode will give you plenty of opportunities to change course along the way.

If you're not enjoying Road to the Show on your current path, don't be afraid to try something different or even start over if you're still early and wanna do things differently.

How to train and upgrade your Ballplayer Loadout

The most direct way to earn XP and improve your Ballplayer in Road to the Show is keep playing games, as each of these will improve your stats and give you XP.

When you have off days between games, make sure to choose to head to the batting cages, bullpen, or another choice to improve the stats relevant to your position and current focus.

Make sure to watch out for Performance Gains when they're activated, as these will significantly boost your progress if you complete those actions in games.

MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show Tips
MAXIMUM GAINS: Utilize the boosts you get in RTTS

Any time you earn a new Archetype item or Ballplayer perk, check on your loadouts and see what combination works best for your position, and whether the perk should cover for your weaknesses or further bolster your strengths.

Also, don't forget to check your Road to the Show Program and Missions, which are accessed from Loadouts where you press Square / X to open them.

Completing these throughout games in Road to the Show will help you earn XP and work towards earning better items for your Loadout, but some players have had issues with these not working.

Which position should you choose?

Ultimately, the position you pick for Road to the Show is up to you, but there are some key differences to keep in mind.

If you decide to purely be a pitcher, you will likely only be batting if you're with a National League team as the American League allows a Designated Hitter to bat for the pitcher.


Pitching lets you focus on closing, starting, or reliving, and you'll work throughout Road to the Show to improve your stats for pitching and accuracy in your chosen pitching interface.

MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show Tips
TAKE YOUR PICK: Road to the Show lets you decide your position

If you really enjoy hitting, there are three kinds of positions to choose from outside of pitcher: outfield, infield, and catcher.

Catcher can be the most difficult as you'll need to predict and move your glove based on pitch delivery.

Infield positions like First Base tend to need quicker reactions and challenge your throwing decisions to other bases, whereas outfield positions like Left Field are more about making big catches and tossing towards the infield.

You also have the option to be a two-way player and do both pitching and position play, but this is not required and you'll have chances to change this throughout Road to the Show.

How to change position in Road to the Show

If you're not enjoying the position you currently have in Road to the Show, there is a way to change that.


While there isn't a directly accessible option at all times, if you continue Road to the Show for a few games one should present itself.

MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show Tips
CHANGEUP: You're not stuck in any position you choose
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Usually either someone with the team, a coach or manager, will come to you to see how you are liking your current role.

You can then follow the dialogue prompts to say you're unhappy with where you're at and what you'd rather be doing.

You may also get a call from your agent checking to see how you feel about your team and duties, and answering that you want to do things differently can trigger that conversation with the team to change position.

How to throw in Road to the Show

Especially if you've chosen an infield position like First Base, throwing can be a challenge in Road to the Show.


While our fielding controls guide can give some general tips, the process is a bit different when you're player locked in RTTS.

MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show Tips
MAKE THE OUT: Throw as quick as you can to keep your opponent from scoring

In the infield, once you catch the ball you'll often be prompted to throw, at which point you actually use the left stick to move your camera and aim position then pull RT / R2 in order to execute the throw.

Outfield throwing is a bit simpler, and prompt should give you a button to press upon catching or retrieving the ball so you can send it to a specific infield player.

How to change pitches in Road to the Show

If you decide to be a pitcher or a two-way player, you'll be prompted early in Road to the Show to choose your pitches.

However, over time you might decide you don't like the selection and want to replace one of them.

MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show Tips
PITCH VARIETY: You want to have a few different options on the mound

This can be done on off days where there isn't a game scheduled on the calendar, and you'll have to choose your training for that day to be at the bullpen.

Scroll through your training options at the bullpen, and some of them should be the option to replace a specific pitch.

You'll likely only have access to certain pitches and a limited total early on, but that will improve as you progress in Road to the Show and upgrade your Ballplayer.

Roster Update could be major Stubs opportunity

MLB The Show 21 is scheduled to drop the next roster update on May 28, 2021 at approximately Noon PT, and that could mean some Live Series players currently available as Gold get bumped into Diamond tier.

If you're in need of Stubs for Diamond Dynasty, or to purchase better equipment for your Ballplayer, the Roster Update could be a major opportunity.

Check out our predictions on which players look most likely to jump from Gold to Diamond after the update, which is likely to make them much more valuable on the Community Market.