How to ask for a trade in RTTS, Franchise, and MtO

MLB The Show 21 challenges players in different ways throughout the title's various game modes, and you could find yourself looking to make a trade with another team.

Whether you're in Franchise Mode, Road to the Show, or March to October, here's all the details on how to make trades happen in MLB The Show 21.

How to ask for a trade in Road to the Show

If you're taking your Ballplayer through Road to the Show in MLB The Show 21, there can come a time when you've become frustrated with the club you initially started with.

Fortunately, there is a way to get traded to another team, but you'll have to wait for your agent to check in on you in order to make that request.

MLB The Show 21 How to ask for a trade Road to the Show RTTS
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CHANGE OF SCENERY: See if the grass is greener with another club

When your agent calls to check in on you, make sure to say things "could be better" and then say "I just wish I was with another organization."

This will get the wheels turning, and while it won't cause an immediate trade and doesn't guarantee that, it will begin the process and significantly increase the chances you get traded to another club.

There is no guaranteed way to immediately get traded in RTTS, but the only way to make it likely to happen is to use your agent.

Franchise Mode Trading in MLB The Show 21

Franchise Mode offers the most control in MLB The Show 21, but that also means it has the most factors to worry about and consider.

There are three different ways to handle trading in Franchise Mode, and each is accessed by selecting the handshake icon for Acquisitions in the top right of your Franchise Mode screen then clicking on Trades.

MLB The Show 21 trade trades trading Franchise Mode
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If you select Make Trade, you'll be taken to a standard trading screen and be able to propose any trade desired to any other team in the league, but it's up to that team whether they accept your offer.

View Trade Block will allow you to see players that other teams are interested in trading, which means teams will be likely to take better trades if they're already planning to trade that player.

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Update Trade Block will allow you to place your own players on the trade block, making it more likely that other teams will approach you with trade propositions.

You'll also be able to update your team's Position Seeking section, which will improve the trades other teams propose because they'll be more likely to include players you're intentionally seeking out.

How to make trades in March to October

There are many similarities between March to October and Franchise Mode, but the primary difference is the duties and control you'll have while working through the season.

Due to the condensed and accelerated way March to October operates, you can't actually propose trades, but you will receive trade offers.

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They'll likely come multiple times throughout the season, and sometimes the trades proposed by other teams can be extremely beneficial.

While you can't directly propose a trade, you can affect those trades much the same way you would via Update Trade Block in Franchise Mode.

You'll need to be in the Trade Management screen of March to October, which you'll be prompted to update a few times throughout the season, but can also be found on the last page by settings on the main screen prior to entering a Key Moment.

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From within Trade Management, you'll want to use Positional Needs and Team Needs to set general goals for team management to have in mind when it comes to acquiring other players and developing prospects.

Players To Target, Players To Shop, and Untouchables will be what most affects trades you get offered, and you can choose carefully who you hope to acquire from other teams, which players you can spare, and which ones you'd never trade under any circumstances.

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