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MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode, MTO Features Revealed

MLB The Show 21 is now only a few short weeks away, and anticipation is growing fast with new features revealed each week.

This week we learned about new Franchise Mode and March to October improvements coming in MLB The Show 21.

Here's what you need to know!

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MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode Changes

MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode is picking up some huge upgrades, all revealed during tonight's developer livestream.

MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode Trade Metric System
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PRICE TAG: Trades will be more realistic than ever in MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode

This list includes a new Trade Metric system which takes into account performances, contracts, and attributes as well as a new Player Metric system to evaluate players even further to the moment.

MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode Depth Charts
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RUNDOWN: New Depth Charts give you everything you need

Franchise Mode will also be getting new Depth Charts that will bring together tons of important information in one, convenient place. This includes marking players on their contract years, prospects showing potential, and plenty more.

MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode Stadium Creator
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MAKE YOUR MARK: Change the very stadium your team plays in with new Franchise Mode Stadium Creator features

As well, new Stadium Creator integration will mean players can make their stadium for their Franchise (even with relocation), and even assign new stadiums to all teams in your franchise, with up to 30 saved stadium slots for Franchise Mode!

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New MLB The Show 21 March to October Features

March to October is also leveling up this year heading into MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 March to October Fast Track Opportunities
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CALL UP: Prospects matter more than ever in March to October this year

For starters, prospects will receive an event type all their own in March to October this year - Fast Track Opportunities, making young players a useful piece to the puzzle. With the one-year franchise mode focusing more on players that can perform now, this is a nice upgrade. These will be possible in Minor League Games, which can be played in March to October for the first time ever this year!

MLB The Show 21 postseason features March to October MTO
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WHEN IT COUNTS: March to October will heat up in the postseason

The real challenge in March to October however is the postseason, and MLB The Show 21 brings some big improvements to this area of the game. The team has put some more work into how postseason moments are chosen in March to October, giving better pace to your team's climb and putting players in more tense situations with more meaning on the way to the World Series.

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Watch MLB The Show 21 Feature Premiere

This week's MLB The Show 21 feature premiere went live on Thursday, April 1 at 3pm PT (6pm ET), revealing a ton of new changes coming this year. You can watch the premiere in full below, or on Sony San Diego's YouTube or Twitch channels.


This was a big one, so you don't want to miss it!

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Franchise Mode & March to October Previewed in Q&A

MLB The Show 21 has been giving the majority of detailed gameplay information through each week's Feature Premiere, but we've also seen a series of Q&A videos as a precursor.

MLB The Show 21 Feature Premiere Watch Live Franchise Mode March to october
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FRANCHISE UPDATES: Coach and Ramone delivered a sneak peek

This week Sony San Diego did drop another Q&A between Coach and MLB The Show 21 Product Development Communications and Brand Strategist Ramone Russell with their attention on both Franchise Mode and March to October.

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