MLB The Show 21: Double XP arrives with new Ken Griffey Jr. Finest Collection

MLB The Show 21 is closing things out strong, and players are about to get Double XP as the 9th Inning Program wraps up.

We've got all the details on how long Double XP will last and the new Ken Griffey Jr. Finest Collection landing in MLB The Show 21 with Team Affinity 5.

MLB The Show 21: Double XP Start & End Date

MLB The Show 21 is firmly in the later stages of the game's life, but that also means some of the best content is arriving.

As many players will hopefully be diving into the 9th Inning Program, Sony San Diego has revealed they're activating Double XP for the remainder of the program.

Start Date: Friday, November 19, 2021

End Date: Friday, December 10, 2021

That gives you about three more weeks to work towards the various 9th Inning Bosses, and you'll get Double XP to speed through things even quicker than usual.

This timing also marks the arrival of Team Affinity 5, and there's a truly legendary reward up for grabs in this last Diamond Dynasty Collection.

Ken Griffey Jr. arrives as Finest Collection Reward

MLB The Show 21 is delivering new Finest cards with the Team Affinity 5 program, and this final one of the year is highlighting the standouts from each MLB team.

While much of the program will be spent working through each division and unlocking the Finest cards for each team's player, there is a grand reward up for grabs.

By completing the Finest Collection, which will surely be the most difficult of the year, players can unlock an all new Milestone Ken Griffey Jr. that could be the best card in all of Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 21 Finest Ken Griffey Jr Double XP
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THE KID: Junior has arrived in Diamond Dynasty, and he's not one to overlook

When you look at his ratings, Griffey Jr is through the roof across the board with a perfect 125 in Power vs. Right-Handed Pitchers, 121 in Power vs. Left-Handed Pitchers, 100+ in both Contact ratings, and he's even got a 104 in Vision, 112 in Discipline, and 110 in Clutch.

Perhaps really rounding out the power of this new card, Milestone Ken Griffey Jr. has also got a 99 in Fielding, 95 in Arm Power, 92 in Throw Accuracy, and 99 in Reactions.

While these are definitely appropriate and applicable ratings considering the 13-time All-Star, 10-time Gold Glove, 7-time Silver Slugger, Baseball Hall of Famer that Ken Griffey Jr. is, they're still stunning considering how powerful this card will become in Diamond Dynasty.

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