MLB The Show 20: New Features - RTTS, Franchise Mode, New Legends and More!

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Baseball season is once again gearing up for Spring training, and with this means a new MLB The Show game!

The iconic baseball series is just a few weeks away, so in the lead up to the release date, they have started there weekly live streams.

During last week's shows, they talked about the new fixes to the perfect-perfect hitting mechanic; along with changes to the defensive side of the ball.

This week's show was jam packed full of new info around the two biggest game modes in MLB The Show! Let's take a look at everything we learned from today's live streams!

Minor League Rosters

Minor League Rosters
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SHOWTIME: All brand new face scans for a lot of the Minor League players now!

Having been in the works for quite some time now (10 years to be exact), MLB The Show will finally feature all Minor League rosters for all 30 teams. The developers have also noted that they went out and face scanned a large sample of Minor League players. Along with data for more than 1500 players!

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Franchise Custom Teams

You can rebrand your franchise in MLB The Show 20
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FULLY CUSTOM: How ill you rebrand your franchise?

A brand new concept coming to MLB The Show 20, for the first time ever you will be able to fully customize your franchise! During the offseason of franchise mode, you can now have a full array to rebrand your team. Similar to how Diamond Dynasty has worked in the past, from custom logos, text, and changing your team's colors. 

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One of the unique features of customizing your franchises now is the ability to rebrand your team's stadium. They also confirmed that there will be hundreds of pre-made logos in the game on day one, so no need to worry about creating your own logo.

In similar fashion to the feature present in NBA 2K and Madden, the teams you create can also be exported to replace certain teams while booting up a new franchise save.

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More Franchise Additions

Some of the other additions to franchise mode this year include:

  • 26/28 Man rosters
  • 13/14 pitcher max
  • 10/15 day injury list
  • 2-way players
  • Waiver trade period removed

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Road To The Show

There are plenty of athletic brands to use in MLB The Show 20
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DECKED OUT: What brand will your player wear?

The above image is all the brands that will be wearable during RTTS, one of the newer brands to join the game is Jordan Brand. They also announced the addition of over 100 new equipment options available on day one.

Along with other additions to the game such as bat slams, audio chimes, and bat skins, there will be hundreds of new equipment coming in MLB The Show 20!

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Also showcased during the stream was some brand new features coming to RTTS; one of the newest ones is the option to have "friends" with certain players. Once a player becomes friendly with another player, they gain attribute bonuses to enhance each other's performance on the field.

It is also good to note that these bonuses will only be in effect when you are on the field!

Build relationships to improve performance in RTTS in MLB The Show 20
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TEAMWORK: Working hand in hand with your teammates will result in higher attributes!

Another part of the friendships with RTTS now, is that there are even opportunities for your player to get a batting boost while in-game.

If a player you are friends with is base when you are up to bat, a "dynamic challenge" will pop up. Should you succeded in this challenge you will gain a specific attribute gain!

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Other RTTS Additions

  • Adding a pitch will be a lot easier now; players can simply pick one during a training session and complete a quest for it. You will also be able to replace a pitch if you do not want to use it anymore!
  • "Boss Battle" challenges will now reward you with an item reward for completing them!
  • The dynamic challenges will slow down as you progress further towards the Majors.

New Legends

In a surprise showcase at the end of the stream, they announced two new legends coming to MLB The Show 20. Second baseman Brian Roberts of the Baltimore Orioles and John Olerud, best known for his two championships with the Blue Jays! Both of these legends will be available on release day, they join the already stacked lineup of legends.

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