MLB The Show 20: New Features Announced; Extreme Catch Indicator, Throw Accuracy Meter and More!

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We are slowly approaching the release date for MLB The Show 20; the go-to baseball game for PlayStation gamers is still one of the best sports games out there. With the NFL season just coming to a close earlier in the week, that means it is now time for baseball to get started as fans patiently await first pitch of opening day.

In the weeks leading up to the release date of MLB The Show 20 developers, SIE San Diego held its developer live stream today. In the coming weeks, they are going to be having multiple shows, showcasing different categories of the new game and potentially unveiling new features.

The first topic they talked about in this series of live streams was defensive fundamentals. Let's take a look at everything announced/we learned from this show!

Legacy Bonus

MLB The Show
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LEGACY - What previous games did you play?

Announced at the beginning of the live stream, if you played either MLB The Show 17,18 or 19 and plan on playing MLB The Show 20; as soon as you log onto the next game you will be given a reward!

Extreme Catch Indicator and Throw Accuracy Meter

Extreme Catch Indicated
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SCOUTING REPORT - Notice all the player's attributes in-game now!

One of the core focuses of MLB The Show 20 was defense, with the developers live on Twitch to talk about these new aspects of defense, they introduced the Extreme Catch Indicator. The goal behind this new feature was to enhance the intensity of defense and make each play/inning less predictable. As well, they have noted there will be more strategy behind who is playing in your outfield.

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As well, they note that there will be a good learning curve for each of these new features.

Featured in the above image, one of the new features that you will be able to see while playing is an in-depth scouting report of the entire defense while you are at-bat. This can be used to determine whether or not you steal a second base or hit towards a certain outfielder.

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Apart from the new Extreme Catch Indicator is three different ways that fielders will be able to catch balls that are hit to them. As seen in the below image, the new red-dot on the grass is the new determinate for catching. Depending on how you approach the ball is how red the indicator is going be; the redder it becomes the riskier the catch is.

Extreme Catch Red
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RISKY BUSINESS - Some catches are a lot riskier than others!

No matter how you approach the ball, whether it is a diving charge or a scoop catch, there is going to be some risk/reward for each type of catch. They are taking away the notion of charging catches for line drives that in real life would be nearly impossible to catch. This is aimed towards making the game much more realistic as opposed to last year! Another note is that this will only show up during sinking line drives, so it will not show up for the standard pop-up.

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Start Transitions

Start Transitions
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QUICK ON YOUR FEET - Some player's will be faster off the rip than others!

A minor note that was added for outfielders is the difference between start transitions and certain players. MLB The Show features eight of the ball breaks that player's in the outfield make when a ball is hit their way. Now, outfielder's will break off the ball completely different compared to other player's

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As they noted, it all depends on what their fielding ability is; if a player is rated 99 such as Mike Trout, he is going to be break off the ball much faster then a 75 overall rated fielder. Perhaps you won't notice it as much, but it is a good detail to be added, just so we can further see the difference between certain players.

New Relay Meter/Throw Accuracy

Throw Accuarcy Meter
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GREENLIGHT - It will be much harder to land a perfect throw this year!

Perhaps one of the biggest changes coming to MLB The Show 20 is the redefined throw meter. Opposed to last year where it was very simple to land within the green meter to get the perfect throw home; this year will take into effect multiple features. They noted during the stream the new meter will have a steep learning curve as well it take how well the fielder is overall. They also have a new line on the throw meter which will result in a perfect throw to home plate.

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Not only will this new meter be in place for outfielder's it will also be in place for catchers who are trying to pick a base runner off!

No New Meters

MLB The Show Meters
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NEW METERS - See the differences between the different players?

In previous MLB The Show games, you were able to watch the throw meter to cycle through multiple times before you picked a spot to land on. Allowing for an easier chance to hit that perfect green. Now, it will be much harder to land the green as it will not recycle through!

Catcher Block Ratings

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BLOCK PARTY - Some catchers will be able to block all pitches!

Depending on how the rating of your catcher as well how high their block rating is, it is going to affect how well they can block during MLB The Show 20. If they are the best in the game there is a good chance they will block any pitch that may hit the dirt. If it is a low rated catcher, the pitch has a much higher chance to bounce off in a different direction!

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Easy Double Plays

When trying to convert the elusive double play, as soon as you throw the ball the receiving player will immediately get ready to convert it to the other base. There are also more animations for how the players are going to exchange the ball between their glove and their throwing hand. All together it looks a lot more fluid than last year.

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