MLB The Show 20: Diamond Dynasty guide - how to earn stubs, Showdown, Conquest, Battle Royale, Moments, Events, & more

MLB The Show's Diamond Dynasty has become a fan-favorite mode, but that doesn't make it any easier to navigate.

With all of the game types, marketplace features, and challenges, it can be a challenge to get started on the right path at all.

In MLB The Show 20, Diamond Dynasty is more of a focal point than ever, with a fresh game mode inside it and even more content than ever before.

Here's a guide on how to navigate Diamond Dynasty and start your journey.

Where to begin

In Diamond Dynasty there are plenty of different challenges and game modes you can play to improve your team. This gives some personalization to the grind of making the best team you can.


Showdown in MLB The Show 20
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WIN IT ALL: Your first Showdown is free, but future runs cost 1500 stubs

The Showdown game mode allows you to go beyond your Diamond Dynasty roster to draft 10 players and perks.

Showdown gives the player different scenarios to complete, testing your skills across many different situations. As you complete lower-level challenges, you make progress on the Final Showdown, giving you more draft picks and bonuses. Even if you can't do very well on initial challenges, you still have the opportunity to make a big comeback in the end.

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Overall Showdown is a very cost-effective way of spending your stubs and allows players to navigate challenges vs AI instead of other players.


Conquest game mode in MLB The Show 20
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TAKEOVER: In Conquest mode players spread out fans to take over the map

Conquest involves the player trying to steal opposing fans by fighting over spaces on a map. Yes, you read that right.

Conquest mode is perhaps the most unique of the available Diamond Dynasty game modes. In what feels more like a game of Risk than MLB The Show, Conquest forces the player to focus on grand strategy.

Battle Royale

Battle Royale entry in MLB The Show 20
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HUGE REWARDS: If you do well enough you can earn Flawless Packs

Battle Royale involves a 25-round draft to select your team. After drafting, your team you play against other players online. Your goal is to win as many games as possible before you lose two games. If you lose two, your run is over, and you get whatever rewards you unlocked along with a pack for your troubles.

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A Battle Royale entry is 1500 stubs, but much like the other modes, the first entry is free.

If you're confident in your drafting ability and win rate against other players, Battle Royale can be a cost-effective way to grind packs and additional rewards.


The Moments game mode allows you to play as historic legends and participate in many big moments in baseball's history. By completing challenges you unlock rewards in the form of stubs and XP. While Moments doesn't offer large amounts of stubs, it's a consistent way to pick up small amounts in a pinch.


Evolution in MLB The Show 20
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LEGENDS: Leveling up unlocks players for Evolution mode challenges

Evolution allows you to experience moments as special players like Carlos Gonzalez and Dennis Eckersley that are unlocked via XP as you level up.

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Once you unlock a character for this mode there is no better way to grind stubs and XP as long as you have the skills for the difficult challenges. Even players challenged by the difficulty can make a lot of stubs playing the easier moments.


Events in MLB The Show 20
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Events in Diamond Dynasty are special time-limited challenges that force you to build a team fulfilling specific criteria, then pit you against others. You play with your specialized team until you reach two losses, unlocking new tiers of rewards depending on how many wins you get first, much like Battle Royale.

Ranked Season

Ranked Season is the place to flex your Diamond Dynasty lineup and battle it out for rating. While you do gain XP and packs/gold for winning enough each season, this is not the place to go to earn your stubs if you have other options available and aren't at the very top level.

Ranked Season is where you go when you're on a hot streak, or want to do something in between the stub grind.

Community Market

The Community Market in MLB The Show 20
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BUY 'EM UP: Mike Trout remains the most expensive card

The Community Market is the perfect spot to sell your goodies or pick up that one player you need to complete your lineup. If you play it smart, you can even flip items on the marketplace depending on the market's supply and demand. While we don't recommend this as the ultimate stub-making strategy, playing the marketplace right can really help you afford big moves in the long run.

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