MLB The Show 20 Showdown: Game mode, draft, players, rewards, diamond dynasty & more

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Spring Training is here and Opening Day is on the horizon.

Before we get there though, there is the little matter of MLB The Show 20!

With a huge number of new features it looks like it will be the best baseball game yet. Which is quite something given the excellent reviews last year's game got.

One of the new features that has been dropping in the trailer so far is a new game mode: Showdown.

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So what do we know about Showdown so far?


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ALL NEW: But what is Showdown?

You will be able to draft players, upgrade them, apply perks and then take on the most feared pitchers in the game.

The game mode will be within Diamond Dynasty and has echoes of Madden 20's MUT Draft game mode, where players select one player from a choice of three for 20 rounds before facing off against others.

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A recent livestream took a more detailed look at the game.

Draft players

In Showdown you will start with a 10-round draft.

You'll pick a few superstar players to be the core of your roster which will then be surrounded by a generated roster that you can build up by hitting targets and objectives.

In the final two rounds you pick perks that will boost your team in key situations.

As you progress you'll earn more draft rounds to keep building your squad up to the final Showdown.

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Of course, fail in a key moment and you'll be bumped out of the run.

The final Showdown is you in the batters' box against a super-elite pitcher, so focus on building some hitting talent!


Showdown rewards
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RACK 'EM UP: The rewards are strong

Complete the Showdown run and you'll get some amazing rewards.

With Stubs, Packs, Program Progress, and XP all available it looks like this mode will be well worth your time.

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