Splitgate Weekly Challenges for 15-22 September

Splitgate has come a long way over the last few months, proving that it's a game that's here to stay. Described as Halo meets Portal, it brings some nostalgia for FPS titles from decades ago whilst adding its own unique spin.

One of its more modern features is its weekly challenges. Here's how you complete the Weekly Challenges for 15-22 September in Splitgate.

Splitgate Weekly Challenges for 15-22 September

Get 10 Kills with the Rocket Launcher

There are tonnes of ways to get this challenge completed. You can go into a standard Team Deathmatch game and find the Rocket Launcher quite easily.

This being said, Team Fiesta is my favourite way of beating this. Giving players random layouts, there are tonnes of Rocket Launchers to grab here.

Play 10 Matches

This is perhaps the most straightforward challenge of the lot. Just do your other challenges and you should get this one done too.

You don't even need to win your games to finish this.

Get 2 Triple Kills

Triple kills are very circumstantial but you can do some things to make them happen easier. Play hectic modes where people are lumped together.

King of the Hill, Domination and Team Fiesta are the best modes for getting multiple kills. Get in there and get shooting.

Get 100 Kills

This is a challenge that will just take you some time to do. If you average around 20 kills per match, you can get in done is just 5 decent games.

Try to play modes where racking up kills is easier.

Complete the Stadium Race

The races take the least time out of all the challenges but it may be a little hard to spot. From the main menu, move over to the Training tab.

From here, click Race and find the stadium map. You don't have to do well in this map, you simply have to finish it.

Win 3 Matches of King of the Hill

This is one of the first things you should try to get done. You may be able to tick off your triple, standard and rocket launcher kills at the same time.

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