Splitgate Weekly Challenges for 8-15 September

Splitgate has come an awfully long way since its early access release back in 2019. You can find out all about its past, present and future in our extended interview. As a great way of keeping players engaged, Splitgate weekly challenges can be a little tough. Here's how to complete them this week.

All Splitgate Weekly Challenges 8-15 September

Play 10 Matches

This challenge will be naturally completed as you do the rest of your weekly challenges so don't worry about it too much.

Just get in there and play.

Complete the Crag Race

This is a pretty tough challenge once you figure it out. From the main menu, you simply have to go to the training tab where you will see a race option.

Click on that race option and cycle through the areas until you see Crag. You don't have to do well in this mode to complete this challenge, you merely have to finish it.

Win 3 Matches of Takedown

This is likely where you should start in this week's challenges. Just click on the casual tab and find takedown. Only highlight that and find a game. This will put you in a 3v3 arena where the goal is to take out the other team.

The central gimmick of this mode is that you can respawn but each respawn increases the time you have to wait to get in there.

Get 10 Kills with the Battle Rifle

To best complete this challenge, you should join the SWAT playlist, which gives you battle rifles and snipers.

If you don't like this mode, you could get this in just normal modes.

Get 30 Kills with the Assault Rifle or SMG

There's not really a good way to advise how to complete this challenge. The majority of modes have an assault rifle so you can just get in there and play.

Start with takedown and you may have this challenge finished by the time you are done.

Win a Match with the Fewest Deaths

This is also a hard one to advise how to get. Take things easy and avoid rushing in too much, unless you're good enough to survive.

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