Here's every map you can play on in Splitgate

Splitgate has become a behemoth and it's still yet to launch, a huge part of this is its maps. The Portal-meets-Halo gameplay is incredibly satisfying but without a credible map pool, it would be worth nothing.

Let us take you through the Splitgate maps and break down what makes each one great. We'll also let you in on what Simulation Maps are and how they're used.

Regular Splitagte Maps


Every good FPS needs a flagship map and Stadium is exactly that for Splitgate. From above, it may even look a little like a MOBA map with three lanes of action and two bases.

Splitgate Maps Stadium
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A decent amount of verticality (a prominent feature of many maps) helps keep the action faced paced but simple. It can be fun to play on in any game mode which is the biggest sign of a well-made map.


Pantheon is a huge sprawling map with mostly open spaces. With a central tower building that helps bring the map together, it's not a map that lends itself to relentless action. Pantheon is also a snipers dream with two cliffs that lend themselves to half-decent camping spots.

Splitgate Maps Pantheon
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A unique map that relies less on verticality and more on layout, Helix is split into its spacious outer track and much tighter internal arena. This makes it one of the best Splitgate maps for game modes like Oddball as it offers a fairer playing field compared to other maps.

Splitgate Maps Helix
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Club Silo

This map is based on what a futuristic nightclub may look like. The use of bright neon colours is fantastic and make it one of the best Splitegate maps from a visual standpoint. When it comes to gameplay, it's probably a bit too reliant on its verticality. Club Silo can be quite awkward on objective game modes but is just fine for Deathmatches.

Splitgate Maps Club Silo
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Another fantastic flagship map that creates the perfect balance of open areas and tight hallways. Atlantis is another map that's better suited to Deathmatch game modes but doesn't feel unbalanced in objective-based modes either.

Splitgate Maps Atlantis
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A map that is suspended in mid-air, Highwind offers a tricky terrain to navigate which can lead to frustration before you learn the map. The tight but varied nature of the map lends itself well to game modes like VIP and King of the Hill.

Splitgate Maps Highwind
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Olympus is similar to Highwind in a few ways. Just take the jungle setting and replace it with a more futuristic one. It is also another map that relies on its verticality but also creates an interesting mix of long-distance and CQB opportunities.

Splitgate Maps Olympus
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An Aztec-inspired map is among the most open-aired of all the Splitgate maps. It feels like the objective with Oasis was to create a map that could suit all game modes well as opposed to suiting one game mode as a speciality.

Splitgate Maps Oasis
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Lavawell is a unique map that offers a mix of outdoor and indoor spaces. Its size also lends itself well to objective game modes exclusively as deathmatches tend to drag on a bit. Despite this, it is one of the better Splitgate maps in the current rotation.

Splitgate Maps Lavawell
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Splitgate Simulation Maps

Simulation maps in Splitgate are specialist maps for the Showdown, Takedown and Custom game modes. They are always much smaller and rely on 2/3 levels of verticality to create space.

Splitgate Simulation Maps
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They are all quite similar in appearance so we won't break each one down individually. The Splitgate weekly or monthly challenges can often include specific quests that relate to Simulation Maps. There are six total Simulation Maps named Alpha to Foxtrot.

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