Splitgate CEO Ian Proulx talks Single-player DLC, Easter eggs and more

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Although Splitgate is currently doing incredibly well, with hundreds of thousands of people jumping into the portal shooter action, it’s fair to say that fans are excited about where the game could go next.

Spending years in early access polishing the base formula, Splitgate can now go in any direction the development team want it to.

We recently sat down with 1047 Games/Splitgate's CEO and Co-Founder, Ian Proulx, and asked a little about his vision for the future of the game. Here’s what he had to say.

Ideas for Splitgate Single-player DLC

During our chat, we spoke about battle royale games, tips he would give to new Splitgate players and tonnes more. In this portion we asked "Are there any plans in motion to do anything single-player or is it (Splitgate) going to be exclusively multiplayer going into the future?" Proulx said:

"We don't have any specific plans so I don't want to get anyone too excited, but we have definitely thought about where to take this beyond just where it is. I'll go for one example of what I’d love to do, sort of a single-player experience.
We have in Splitgate a race game mode, where it really focuses on the portal plays. There's no guns. It’s just how quickly can you collect the disco balls from point a to point b to point c. And it really emphasises how good you are with the portals and we have a leaderboard for that. There's sort of a subgroup of our player base that really really loves this race mode.
When I look at our games, most of our fans are coming from FPS games, and oftentimes they’ve also played Portal, but it’s not the opposite of that. Portal fans are not yet flocking to Splitgate.
Our thought process is “what if we made an entire game out of races?” We’ve got a lot of fans who love the races, I personally love the races, and I think it’s something that all those portals fans who might not want to go shoot bad guys… they might just want to focus on racing and focus on developing their skills with portals.“

The focus on races could add a lot to the base gameplay of Splitgate and could be a good training mode for those looking to get better. We're on board with this plan!

There Are Easter Eggs Still To Be Found

Also, since Splitgate started to blow up, players have started spotting interesting easter eggs hidden in the maps.

As you can see in the tweet below, one player found a reference to Spongebob and Bikini Bottom. With Splitgate's Twitter feed being quite meme-heavy and the team clearly being quite fun, we expect there to be tonnes more that haven't been found yet.

Moving on from single-player ideas, we asked Proulx about secrets in the game that players haven't spotted yet.

In response, he told us “There’s definitely some (easter eggs) that nobody has spotted yet. Pantheon has a good one that no one has found yet. That’s not the only one, there are many maps that have easter eggs but that’s the one we will leave you with.”

We'll have to get searching as soon as possible. This was just a segment from a much larger interview, so expect more pieces over the coming days, including thoughts on battle royale, teases for the future, and Proulx's love of Halo.

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