Splitgate CEO & Co-Founder Tips on getting better at the game

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Splitgate has exploded onto the FPS scene as of late and appears to have the staying power to hold its own against FPS industry titans. Paying homage to games like Halo and Portal, there’s a truly high skill ceiling once you get your mind around all of its intricate systems.

We recently had the opportunity to speak to Splitgate co-founder and CEO, Ian Proulx, so we thought we’d ask for his best advice to make us a little bit better at the game.


How to Get Better at Splitgate

By the time we had played a good few matches in Splitgate, it was clear how high the skill ceiling really gets. In an effort to catch up, we asked Ian the best way to get better at it. Here's what he told us:

“I think I would tell them to do the races and tell them to watch some YouTube videos and Twitch streams… We definitely want people to be able to learn at their own pace.
We’ve designed the maps in a way where you don’t have to use the portals to have fun. Definitely, if you want to accelerate how quickly you’re able to improve, you're gonna learn a lot faster by seeing what other people who have already gone through this are doing.
I think the race mode is a really great way to force yourself to think with portals. The tutorial - it touches on that but we really want to get you into the action quickly.”

This touches on what makes Splitgate such an effective game. Its willingness to throw you in the deep end and prompt you to use portals to swim out makes it stay in your mind hours after you put it down.


Who Should You Watch?

Earlier on in this conversation, Proulx spoke about the race mode and how it illuminated something interesting about the skill ceiling in Splitgate. “There are some crazy racers out there. If you go to YouTube and type in Splitgate Toby, he’s on the top for everything… and it’s just insane what he’s able to do," he said.

“He’s one of the best pro players as well and that’s because of how good he is with portals”. Although he thinks learning at your pace is good, the race mode seems to be the best asset to new players. You can learn how to access them right here.

And that's it from this segment of the interview. This was taken from a larger interview that should be up on RealSport 101 over the coming days. You can also check out what Proulx had to say about single-player ideas and hidden easter eggs.