How to get Killection Agency in Splitgate

Splitgate has come rushing onto the gaming scene over the last few month and has taken hundreds of thousands of players with it. You can read all about the success and its future in our extended interview. Needless to say, the team need something special to keep all those players coming back. This is what the daily/weekly/monthly challenges are for. Here's how you get Killection Agency in Splitgate.

What is the Killection Agency Challenge in Splitgate?

Splitgate has some pretty odd awards it gives in-game. They help to shake up what you do and make you try out new things.

This is exactly what the daily and weekly challenges are for. They make you try new game modes, play the game in different ways - luckily the Killection Agency challenge can be pretty easy if you know what you're doing.

You get Killection Agency any time you get a ten-kill streak. This means you can just play as normal and try to rack up those kills.

Some general tips

Now you know how to earn that trophy, here are some general tips to beat it yourself. It's important to note that final hits aren't the only thing that counts as a kill in Splitgate. Every assist adds to that tally. That means getting ten assists in a row will earn you the collection agency award.

For this reason, earning killection agency in team-based game modes is much easier. Something like TDM or Domination is good as you can stick with your team and get pop shots off on the enemy.

If you pick Domination, set up some tactical portals and hang out near one of the main zones, picking off enemies as they come in. They will likely go straight for the main circle, giving you time to take them out.

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