Splitgate Weekly Challenges 1st September - 8th September

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Splitgate has shown with season 0 that it has the ability to really keep players around. The Splitgate weekly challenges are a great way of earning yourself some nice goodies while you play.

Table of Contents

All Splitgate Weekly Challenges 1-8 September

Here's how you finish this week's challenges.

Get 10 Kills with the BFB


The BFB is Splitgate's main melee weapon. Shaped like a bat, it's a one-shot kill but you have to get up close to do anything with it.

Splitgate Challenges
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There are a few central ways of doing this challenge. You could play TDM and find it or play a mode like contamination or gun game to get them done.

Get 30 Kills on Foregone Destruction

This is probably the hardest challenge to give advice for. You just have to keep playing the game until you get this map.

This won't show up in some of the rumble games so just go in with TDM or Free For all to finish it.

Get 10 Double Kills

The best way of getting this challenge finished is by playing hectic modes where people tend to fight in the same spots.


Domination is a great way of getting this challenge finished.

Win 5 Matches

This is something that will just naturally happen as you play. That being said, if your connection is poor or you aren't a great player, team games are a good way of getting some wins.

Something simple like Team Deathmatch is a pretty good way of completing this challenge.

Complete the Impact Race

This should probably be the first thing you do as completing this won't tick off any other weekly challenges. From the main menu, go over to the training tab and find races.


From here, you just cycle through the races until you find Impact. Do this to beat the challenge. You don't need to do it in a certain time to win so just finish the race to collect your rewards.

Get 30 Kills in Free For all

This should probably be the second challenge you try to beat. Just go into the casual modes setting and click on Free For all. There isn't really an easy way to give advice for doing well in this mode.

For the most part, use portals a lot and lockdown small areas as you go through the map. Eventually, you will finish this one.