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What is the Pantheon Race in Splitgate?

Splitgate has found itself with tonnes of players over the last two years so it would only make sense they would come up with some ideas to bring players back to earn new gear. Even if the servers can sometimes be a bit of an issue, Splitgate is a lot of fun and the Pantheon Race is just an extension of that.

Although it's very easy to do, it can be a bit hard to find the Pantheon Race, here's how to find it and what you have to do to finish it.

Where Is the Pantheon Race in Splitgate?

First, sign yourself in and go to the central menu. From here, move down to the training tab and find a mode called race. Putting it in the training tab is likely what has confused a lot of people but that's how you figure this one out.

Once you click on that, you should see the times achieved throughout the world on each map. You will initially start on stadium, use the bumpers to move through the maps until it says Pantheon. Just click to start race and you will now be taking part in the pantheon race.

Beating the Race

Pantheon, in Splitgate, is a little bit confusing as you often have to move in and out between buildings using portals. Essentially, you have to look for the ball and go up to it.

This will then move you onto finding the next one. If you keep an eye out, you can find where the next ball is in advance, allowing you to plan out your route.

If you want a good score on this one, take a few goes simply planning out the map and working out the route. Take it slowly and work it out. Then, just perfect your run. Good luck.

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