Omega Strikers Best Team Compositions

An promotional image of several Omega Strikers characters.
Credit: Odyssey Interactive

An promotional image of several Omega Strikers characters.
Credit: Odyssey Interactive

Omega Strikers hit gaming platforms just a few months back and several players are hopping into the striking craze that comes with the game. It could even be said it's a love child of popular team multiplayer games like League of Legends and Mobile Legends with soccer.

The game's developer, Odyssey Interactive, designed the game in a way that team compositions were crucial as compatibility of characters would greatly affect gameplay. If you know which characters work well with each other, it can lead your team to success to score and win matches in Omega Strikers.

Omega Strikers Best Team Compositions

There's a wide selection of characters to choose from and endless strategies to create from the game which can make playing Omega Strikers a unique and exciting experience. So you can craft the best team around to score a lot of goals, we've prepared a guide on some Omega Strikers Best Team Compositions for your reference.

Asher, Era, and Dubu

If you have Asher, Era, and Dubu on your team, you'll have a good combination of characters that are well-balanced and have specific roles. Dubu can act as your defender and goalkeeper as he has some moves that help in protecting your goal.

A promotional image of Juliette, Dudu, and Estelle in Omega Strikers.
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Credit: Odyssey Interactive

Meanwhile, Asher is quite a versatile player that can help in both offence and defence. She can be a reliable frontline bruiser on the field too. Similarly, Era's ranged attacks can help your team damage far-off enemies while Asher can push the frontlines. This team composition may possibly have all that you need in securing wins in Omega Strikers. However, this still boils down to your teammates and how good they are at controlling their specific characters.

Ai:Mi, Estelle, Kai

Ai: Mi is also a versatile striker that can fill either a forward or goalie role. She has decent map control with her ranged abilities making her a good character for field coverage. Moreover, with the recent speed adjustments in some patches, she's become more effective in comparison to when she was still in the beta stage of the game. If you pair her up with Estelle, this duo can create rebound shots with Estelle's blink ability and even double-hit the core with Estelle's other skills.

Kai in Omega Strikers
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When it comes to adding Kai to the mix, you'll have yourself a decent offence and defence team. Kai works best as a goalkeeper, especially with his Crossover skill. He has some versatility to make sure you get to shoot the ball across the field with much ease.

Era, Estelle, Dubu

In this composition, you have Era who's great at throwing debuffs at enemies. She can be a major game-changer by shrinking enemies and slowing them down. Additionally, she's gotten a big speed boost in one of the recent updates of the game. Alongside Estelle, Era can clear a path for the rebound shots Estelle can make with the latter's Blink ability.

You can add in Dubu to your team as a typical choice for a goalkeeper. Ever since his beta period, Dubu still remains a top pick for this role and is still staying strong as part of the Omega Strikers' meta due to his powerful defensive abilities. He's even great for newbies so adding him to Era and Estelle would possibly make your team unstoppable.

Asher, Era, Juliette

For his combination, Juliette can be your best bet if you play on the offensive. She's quick and dangerous on the battlefield. Plus, her dash skill can help you in brawling against enemies and knocking them back while still landing goals. Asher has some pretty good range coverage. You can count on her to also help Juliette on the offensive with the Pathsplitter and Breakthrough abilities.

In terms of Era, you'll be able to cover your defence well. She may not be built as a goalie, however, she can definitely lessen the risks of enemy attacks through the shrinking and slowing down skills she has. Era's speed boost can definitely help in stalling time for your team to get back into formation during the defence.

Ai:Mi, Drek'Ar, Zentaro

With this composition, you can have Ai:Mi as a versatile forward or goalkeeper. She can assist Drek'Ar and Zentaro in map control with her ranged abilities. Drek'Ar can help the team on the offence with his destruction. Plus with his stealth ability, your team can have a better advantage on the field. You'll be able to deal with enemies with much ease having Drek'Ar on your side.

Zentaro in Omega Strikers
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In terms of Zentaro, he can play as a decent forward and can be used immensely in scoring goals if you master his abilities. He's a bit challenging to use for beginners, so this team composition works best for those who have been playing Omega Strikers for a while and have mastered these characters' kits.

Dubu, Juliette, Kai

Just like our other team compositions, Dubu is a pretty great pick as your goalkeeper. His beginner-friendly abilities make him very reliable on the defence when protecting your team's goal. Once you add Juliette to the mix, you'll be able to balance both the offence and defence. Juliette is again, a strong brawler who can knock back enemies while still landing some goals on the field.

In terms of adding Kai, he may be great as a goalkeeper, but he's still useful with his ranged shooting. He can get your team's ball to the other end of the field quickly without much effort.

Asher, Atlas, Estelle

In this composition of Asher, Atlas, and Estelle, they seem like typical picks for matches because most players are comfortable with them and can easily adapt to their abilities. While Atlas is in the goalkeeper role, you can make some serious clutches on the defence. Do take note that he even has a resurrection ability which makes him quite formidable on the defence. Once you pair Atlas with Estelle, you'll have a pretty solid defence as Estelle can work at ranged distances. She can definitely double-hit the core with her abilities.

Finally, for Asher, you can rely on her for your team's offensive push. You won't be surprised how she can dominate the battlefield with her Pathsplitter and Breakthrough abilities as mentioned earlier. You'll have a well-balanced team with a tough defense for sure.

There you have it, some of the best team compositions for Omega Strikers. If you want to read more Omega Strikers content, you can browse through our other pieces such as our Omega Strikers Attackers Tier List. We also have a piece on Omega Strikers: Best goalies if you're interested in that.

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