Omega Strikers Zentaro Build: Best gear, awakenings, & strategy

A character image of Zentaro from Omega Strikers.
Credit: Odyssey Interactive

A character image of Zentaro from Omega Strikers.
Credit: Odyssey Interactive

In Omega Strikers, you'll be encountering Zentaro who's known as "The Wandering Blade." He's a great Striker with several abilities such as the Slashing Strike, Iai Rush, Slice and Dice, and Oni's Blade.

Being half-oni he was left at the banks of the river that cuts through the valley between the human and oni villages. Zentaro has some elusive abilities that will be hard to catch in a blink of an eye. With that, we've prepared this guide on an Omega Strikers Zentaro build which can help you in wielding this character.

Take note that Zentaro has Tier 3 stats with high stagger, followed by speed, and then power. He is a master of swordsmanship and has a blazing speed of attacks to keep enemies on their toes. He's a great Striker to use if you're on the agile side of battling in the game.

Best gears for Zentaro in Omega Strikers

Gears in Omega Strikers can give your Strikers bonuses during match which can become game-changers in each set. Here are the best gears you can use if you use Zentaro in Omega Strikers:

A promotional image of Zentaro in Omega Strikers.
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Credit: Odyssey Interactive
  • Vicious Vambrace - This gear item can restore Stagger equal to 25% of the damage you deal. It's great for goalies, allowing them to restore stagger equivalent to the damage Zentaro can give. With the character's high stagger stats already, it's no doubt he'll become even more powerful with this gear.
  • Slick Kicks - This gear is another recommendation for Zentaro as it can grant him 30% of Speed for 1.5 seconds after a strike. You already know how quick on his feet Zentaro can be, so this can put you more at an advantage.

Best awakenings for Zentaro in Omega Strikers

Zentaro has the ability to release major damage on enemies. Trying these awakening combos could get you some decent results in Omega Strikers:

  • Stinger - Hits deal bonus damage equal to 12% of enemies' max Stagger over 2.5s.
  • Tempo Swing - Hitting anything heals you for 4% of your max Stagger and deals that amount as damage to the target hit.
  • Primetime - Primary gains +1 charge and hits 10% harder.
  • Twin Drive - Secondary gains +1 charge and has 10% reduced cooldown.
  • Super Surge - Dash range, Blink range, and Haste effects increased 75%. These abilities hit 20% harder (4% to Core).

Best strategy for Zentaro in Omega Strikers

Zentaro is a heavy DPS who can be a reliable scorer due to his blink and passive skills. This Slashing Strike charges up by hitting targets, and at 10 charges, it will dash Zentaro forward and fire a piercing projectile that hits the first enemy.

For Iai Rush, it makes Zentaro teleport after a delay, hitting enemies along his travel path. For the Slice and Dice, Zentaro can deal light hits followed by a larger slash that hits enemies in the center. Finally, for Oni's Blade, the Striker blinks to a nearby location and becomes elusive, repeatedly dealing light hits to enemies caught in the area and hitting them.

Additionally, Zentaro is challenging to use because of his delays. You should be able to properly time his skills so you can maximize his abilities. It takes timing and being opportunistic in using Zentaro if an enemy is in a critical state. You can use your Blinks to get to enemy spaces where you think your foes aren't really covering so that you can make pokes and attacks.

That's all the information you need to know on the best Zentaro build you can make in Omega Strikers. For more build guides like this, you can check out our Omega Strikers Juno Build and our Omega Strikers Kai guide. If you're interested, we also have an Omega Strikers Ranked Mode guide if you're new to it.

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