Omega Strikers: Attackers Tier List

Multiple characters in Omega Strikers

Multiple characters in Omega Strikers

In Omega Strikers, the most important characters are definitely attackers, who have to carry the puck to the opponent's gate and score a goal. That's why we've created the Omega Strikers attackers tier list, so you can choose the best for your style of play.

We will review all the heroes and create a list from the best to the worst strikers. Go through each of them to find the best one for you.

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Omega Strikers Attackers Tier List

There are 17 characters in the game, and we'll take a look at each of them to describe their pros and cons when playing offence.

The list will be sorted from the best attacker to the worst.



Omega Strikers Era
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Era is the best attacker character on our list. With her Flutter Fly skill, you can easily get the ball from opponents and help your teammates get to the opponent's goal.

If one of the enemies still gets in your way, you can use your ultimate to disorient them and deal significant damage.


Omega Strikers Estelle
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Estelle is a forward player whose skills are focused on dealing maximum damage to enemies.

By using them in the right sequence, you can easily knock them off the field and get the puck to the goal.


Omega Strikers Luna
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With the help of this girl’s strong and destructive attacks, you can easily neutralize enemies and go straight to the enemy's goal.

Use C.R.A.T.E.R. and your enemies will be forced to run away or die. With this, you'll simply take the puck and lead your team to victory.


  • Asher
  • Zentaro
  • Drek'ar
  • Juno
  • Kai
  • Vyce
  • Octavia


Omega Strikers Asher
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Asher is generally considered one of the best (if not the best) character in the game. With the Arc Beam skill, you can deal a lot of damage to enemies, and while they are disoriented, you should intercept the puck and go towards the goal.

If one of the enemies is approaching you while you are passing the puck, then use ultimate, which will create two shields in front of you and help to slow down enemies


Omega Strikers Zentaro
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His ultimate will allow you to become invulnerable for a certain period of time.

While in this state, you can break into a crowd of enemies and use Slice and Dice to help you intercept the puck and score a goal while the enemies are looking for the first aid kit.


Omega Strikers Drek’Ar
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Drek'ar will suit you if you like aggressive and fast play. With its help, you can quickly clear the way to the goal with Lock and Load, throwing enemies off the map.

Also, this hero can become invisible, which will help you to steal the puck.


Omega Strikers Juno
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Juno is good for attacking, but in most cases, she is used for defence. The thing is that her skills can provide good protection and prevent the enemy from dominating your part of the field.

When attacking, you can use Friend Fling to score the puck from almost anywhere on the field. Also, Make it Rain will create many spots that will be placed on the map and pass the puck to each other, directing it into the goal, which will greatly annoy the opponents.


Omega Strikers Kai
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Kai is a good striker who can beat opponents and score a goal even alone.

Use Giga Blast to throw one of your opponents off the field and then use Barrage to send the puck into the goal.


Omega Strikers Vyce
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Vyce abilities to stun or slow enemies make her a nightmare for defenders. She can use Thunderstruck to stun an enemy and then teleport to its location. This allows her to constantly be in great attacking positions, where she can easily put the ball in the back of the net.

Her Super Nova and Power Chord are great to recover the ball from opponents and stop dangerous attacks.


Omega Strikers Octavia
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Octavia is lightning-quick and can easily get past her opponents, especially when using Flow State. This ability gives her 25% Speed for 2.5 seconds, and this number increases by 2% per second.

Sonic Boom allows her to slow enemies for 1 second. When combined, Sonic Boom and Flow State make Octavia almost unstoppable. She can easily get past opponents since they are too slow to catch up with her. Because of that, Octavia will find herself in some great scoring positions


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Omega Strikers Rune
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Rune is best used as a goalkeeper, but if you want to attack with him, use Unstable Anomaly to block routes from which the enemy can attack you.

Also, don't forget about your ultimatе, which can slow down enemies, and then use Shadow Step to move forward.


Omega Strikers Atlas
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Atlas is not the best attacker and is more suitable for defending the goal. But if you use him for offense, use Cosmic Expanse to create an aura around the character for a certain period of time.

With this, you can spam the opponent's gate, thereby scoring a goal.


Omega Strikers Rasmus
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Rasmus is a skillful hero who can use his hook to turn the match in your favor.

Use your hook to work with the puck at long range or to draw enemies to you if they have stolen the puck from you.


Omega Strikers Ai.Mi
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To play with this character, you need a good understanding of the game. If you are a beginner, we do not recommend taking her to the attack.

You need to react quickly and constantly be on the move to use her skills.


Omega Strikers Juliette
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Juliette is a cunning and agile character. You can first distract some of the enemies, and then use the Flying Phoenix skill to make a dash towards the puck, dealing damage to your opponents.

She is great in a team with Dubu, who can put a block in front of opponents to buy time.


Omega Strikers X
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X will be a good defender for your team. In the offense, he will be able to perform well, but not as good as other characters.

Use his skills to throw characters off the map and get to the goal.


  • Dubu


Omega Strikers Dubu
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Dubu is exclusively a goalkeeper character, but if you want to use him in attack, try to use your ultimates effectively to block the opponent's path and get to the opponent's goal easily.

That's it for today. And since you're done here, feel free to check out our list of the best Omega Strikers goalies.

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