Omega Strikers Era Build: Best gear, awakenings, & strategy

Era in Omega Strikers

Era in Omega Strikers

If you want to unleash devastating attacks on your opponents, then we highly recommend that you check out this Omega Strikers Era build guide. She is one of the best attackers in this game and you can use her to distract your enemies.

Also, Era is an excellent midfielder who helps the forward avoid the opposing defenders. So, let’s find out how to make this character as strong as possible.

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Best gear for Era in Omega Strikers

Era is a powerful witch who can cause some serious problems for your enemies. If you play her, then you’ll most likely have to cross the center of the field quite often. Also, your main task will be to score goals and disable the defenders. Here is the best Gear for Era in Omega Strikers:

Era in Omega Strikers
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  • Slick Kicks – Your Strikes increase your Speed for a short time.
  • Magnetic Soles – One of the best items for midfielders and attackers. It allows you to move faster every time you cross the center of the field.

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Best awakenings for Era in Omega Strikers

There are a few Awakenings that work great with characters like Era. Here they are:

Era in Omega Strikers
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  • Monumentalist – Doubles the size of your creations, which is a nice buff for Era’s Special Skill. Also, it makes your ability hit harder.
  • Primetime – Gives you an extra charge for your Primary Skill and makes it hit harder. This Awakening is one of the best for Era as she relies heavily on her Primary and Special skills.
  • Cast to Last – Increases the duration of your creations, buffs, and debuffs. This Awakening improves all skills of Era.

Best Era strategy in Omega Strikers

Era is one of the best midfielders who can buff her allies and create various obstacles for enemies. One of the unique features of this character is that she can increase the size of her teammates and shrink her opponents. This is an incredibly powerful skill, as it makes it easier to avoid enemies and hit the ball.

Also, she can create a whirlwind that flies forward and knocks back enemies. So, Era is one of the best characters when it comes to zoning and harassing your opponents and we highly recommend you give her a try.

If you feel a lack of AoE skills and want to control the field, then Era is the perfect choice for you. Learn her skills and use our build to beat your enemies!

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