Omega Strikers Estelle Build: Best gear, awakenings, & strategy

Estelle in Omega Strikers

Estelle in Omega Strikers

There are many different types of players, and if you prefer a more calculated playstyle, then you should read this article about Omega Strikers Estelle build. She is one of the best characters when it comes to accuracy and speed.

So, let’s find out how to play Estelle and what items you should use with her. There are some really effective options and combinations that you should be aware of.

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Best gear for Estelle in Omega Strikers

This category of items allows you to get a certain bonus for the entire match. So, you should make this choice wisely and fortunately, Estelle has some good options. Here they are:

Estelle in Omega Strikers
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  • Pummelers – Increases your knockback distance and gives you a Speed bonus when you have more Strikers on your team. So, you receive this buff every time you knock out an enemy while your squad is full.
  • Vicious Vambrace – Restores Stagger meter based on the damage you dealt.

Estelle is a great sniper and she can easily activate the effects of these two items. So, use them to get an advantage over your opponents and score more goals!

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Best awakenings for Estelle in Omega Strikers

Awakenings are special features that give your character some significant bonuses. Here are the best options for Estelle:

  • Stinger – Increases the damage of your hits based on the opponent’s max Stagger.
  • Primetime – Gives your Primary Skill a second charge and increases its damage.
  • Twin Drive – Your Secondary Skill gains an extra charge and a 10% cooldown reduction bonus.
  • Missile Propulsion – Increases the range and damage of your projectiles.
  • Aerials – Increases the range of your blink and projectiles.
Estelle in Omega Strikers
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These Awakenings work great for different Estelle strategies and you should choose them whenever possible.

Best Estelle strategy in Omega Strikers

Estelle is a perfect forward that can deal tons of damage to her enemies. You will need to use your Primary to poke your opponents or hit the ball. This skill has an amazing range, short cooldown, and fast cast time. So, you will have to spam it as often as possible.

Also, Estele is able to teleport and this feature makes her incredibly mobile. As for her Special Skill, she can create a cone of icy projectiles that are hard to dodge. If you increase the range of her abilities, she can also become a great goalie.

If you have a quick reaction and a good aim, then Estelle is the perfect choice for you. She can handle any situation on the field and win even the toughest matches.

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