Omega Strikers Kai Guide: Best gear, awakenings, & strategy

Omega Strikers: Kai

Omega Strikers: Kai

Kai is a strong character who can be used in different roles depending on your build. Often it can be difficult for a beginner to understand a large number of awakenings and choose the best ones. For Kai, you can opt for both a forward build and a goalkeeper, and to maximize your impact in the game, you should understand which perks to choose according to your role. In order for you to fully realize the potential of this hero, we have prepared a comprehensive guide about Kai build in Omega Strikers.

We will show you the builds for the forward and goalkeeper Kai and explain what these perks do and why you should use them. This will help you win more often and increase your rank.

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Best gear for Kai in Omega Strikers

Kai is a very good hero for beginners. He is a fairly simple and yet strong character. Below, we'll show you items that will complement Kai in both possible roles.

Omega Strikers: Kai
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  • Magnetic Soles is an item that speeds you up by 30% for one second after crossing Midfield. It makes the already fast Kai even faster.
  • Eject Button is another item for increased mobility. It increases the effectiveness of Blazing Pace by 50% and reduces its knockback by 20%. And after using this skill, you will be able to return to the place where you used it within 3.25 seconds.

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Best awakenings for Kai in Omega Strikers

There are quite a few suitable perks for Kai. Several of them are well suited for playing both forward and goalie.

  • Super Surge is one of the best perks for Kai and can be used for both roles. It greatly increases Kai's mobility and synergizes very well with Eject Button. The perk increases the effectiveness of movement abilities by 20%, increases the range of dashes and blinks by 50%, and adds 50% to the speed of hastes.
Omega Strikers: Kai
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  • Rapid Fire reduces the cooldown of Kai's primary ability. Barrage is very good for both offense and defense, so it is also often used in both builds. Initially, it will be reduced by 12% and then by 25% after reaching the maximum level.
  • Extra Special is another ability to reduce cooldowns. When you start the round, the cooldown of the special ability will be reduced by 15 seconds. It is most often used for the forward Kai.
  • Built Differently perk is a simple and reliable option to score goals even more often. And it also works great for goalkeeper Kai as it makes him 35% bigger and hits 5% harder.

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Best strategy for Kai in Omega Strikers

You need to learn how to use Barrage properly. This skill gives you five hits at once, which greatly increases your chances of scoring a goal. If we are talking about Kai as a forward, your main advantage is Blazing Pace. This skill will help you quickly reduce the distance to the ball without leaving your opponents a chance to seize the initiative. And the last one is Giga Blast, which can deal a lot of damage and allow you to make powerful shots.

Kai is a very good hero with the right build and in the right hands. We hope our builds were interesting and useful to you and you will try to use both of them.

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