LoL Wild Rift: Jungle Lane Tier List for patch 5.0

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Are you searching for the latest LoL Wild Rift Jungle Laner Tier List for Patch 5.0? Then you have come to the right place!

In LoL Wild Rift, the Jungle is the place where many strategic opportunities are executed. Whether it's initiating teamfights or soaking up damage for teammates, Junglers are at the forefront of the action.

However, with numerous options available, selecting the best champions for this role be overwhelming. That's why we created our Jungle tie list, to help you find out which champions you must pick and the ones you need to avoid at all costs.

With this in mind, let's rank the top champions for the Jungle Lane.

LoL Wild Rift Jungle Lane tier list for patch 5.0

Based on a very well-known format, we have divided our tier list into the following sections:

  • S+ Tier: The absolute best of the best. These champions are generally so good that they are called unfair or broken.
  • S Tier: Still top-tier, but not quite as dominant as S+. These champions are very strong and will generally be a good choice, but they may have some weaknesses that can be exploited by S+ heroes.
  • A Tier: Again, a good choice but not up to the standards of S and S+, but they may have some weaknesses or may not be as good in all situations.
  • B Tier: Provide viable and solid options that can be outclassed. Also, They may have specific counters or may not be as effective in all matchups.
  • C Tier: Very easy to exploit hence they should only be picked when a specific need.

Assuming now you have a fair idea about the format, let's take a look at the LoL Wild Rift Jungle Lane Tier List for patch 5.0 below.

Latest LoL Wild Rift Jungle Lane Tier List Patch 5.0
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Here is the LoL Wild Rift Jungle Lane Tier List for Patch 5.0

Apart from this, let us take a look at the best from each tier. However, we would also like to make it clear that the top picks from each tier are not only based on their win rate but on collective outcomes and opinions.

Best champions from each tier

Evelynn (S+)

LoL Wild Rift K/DA All Out Evelynn
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Credit: Riot Games
K/DA All Out Evelynn

At first glance, Evelynn may appear to be just another alluring female fighter, but beneath her alluring appearance lies a cunning predator who is ready to strike when you least expect it. This is one of the reasons we have placed her in our top tier.

Evelynn's ability, Demon Shade, helps her to become invisible to the eye when out of combat for a short duration. This ability is the perfect example of killing two birds with a stone, as she can use it to back out from a fight or to initiate it.

Furthermore, Evelynn's abilities synergize perfectly to ensure fast and calculated takedowns. Her Hate Spike ability unleashes plenty of spikes at her enemies, that not only deal damage but also apply on-hit effects with each strike.

Despite her undeniable strengths, mastering Evelynn requires precision and timing. Players must possess a keen understanding of her gameplay. So be aware of that if you intend to pick her.

Evelynn truly thrives the Jungle lane with a 52.1% win rate.

Vi (S)

LoL Wild Rift Vi
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Credit: Riot Games

In the Jungle lane, efficiency is key and Vi excels in this regard. With her Excessive Force, Vi can swiftly clear camps that maximize her gold and experience intake while maintaining pressure across the map.

This allows her to stay relevant in the game at any stage and transition smoothly into the late game. Additionally, Vi's Excessive Force ability empowers her basic attacks enabling her to punch through enemy defences and deal significant damage. Just remember, sometimes the best defence is a good offence and with Vi, your offence is a flurry of fists.

However, success with Vi isn't solely dependent on her prowess, as players must also demonstrate a little bit of awareness by identifying opportunities for ganks and objectives. Coordination with teammates is key to unlocking Vi's full potential.

Vi has an incredible win rate of 51%, the highest in the S tier.

Camille (A)

LoL Wild Rift Camille
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Credit: Riot Games

Of course, no discussion of Camille would begin without mentioning Precision Protocol, her signature move. This ability allows Camille to execute a series of lethal attacks, each one hitting harder than the last. Not only does it deal massive damage, but it also grants Camille a burst of speed making it easier to chase down enemies.

As the game progresses, Camille's true power shines brighter. Her on-hit damage shreds through enemies, while her ultimate disrupts teamfights and secures key eliminations.

Apart from Jungle Lane, she is among those who are also incredibly strong in the Baron Lane and can be used as a primary top laner. So no one can deny the fact she brings flexibility to the team composition.

Camille has a win rate of 50.7%, making her a very solid pick for the Jungle.

Fiora (B)

LoL Wild Rift Fiora
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Credit: Riot Games

Fiora is powerful in the current LoL Wild Rift meta and the best of our five picks in B tier.

Her skill set is mainly tailored for survival, a crucial characteristic for Junglers. The Riposte ability not only inflicts damage but also allows her to parry incoming attacks and potentially turn the tide of any battle. Furthermore, she can also capitalize on catching enemy Junglers or laners out of position, potentially securing kills or objectives for her team.

Fiora also has a high single-target damage potential, especially against isolated targets. As mentioned earlier, Lunge and her Riposte ability allow her to deal significant damage to Jungle monsters and enemy champions alike.

However, she is not as effective as the champions in superior tiers, mainly because she can struggle against champions with reliable crowd-control abilities.

Despite this, she has a staggering win rate of 49.92%.

Tryndamere (C)

LoL Wild Rift Tryndamere
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Credit: Riot Games

Last but not least, we have Tryndamere, who is mostly known for his role in Baron Lane but can also be very effective in the Jungle.

Like many other champions, he can be slow initially but more lethal in the latest stages of the game or after level 5. However, he doesn't have the greatest gank setup.

His win rate is 47.5%, which is not the best but is decent.

That is all you need to know about the LoL Wild Rift Jungle Lane tier list for patch 5.0. We hope this article helped you to get a good idea of what champions are strong and the ones you should avoid picking.

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