Wild Rift: How to counter Tryndamere

Tryndamere Wild Rift
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Wild Rift has plenty of popular and strong champions, and Tryndamere fits into both categories. The Barbarian King is one of the best champions to play in the Baron lane but is also incredibly good in the jungle.

Because of that, many people struggle to play against Tryndamere, especially in a solo lane. His unique kit forces players to take a different approach to the laning phase, and sometimes completely change their playstyle.

So let's find out how you can counter Tryndamere in Wild Rift.

How to counter Tryndamere in a solo lane

Tryndamere early laning phase is his weakest point, as once he reaches level 6 and acquires his ultimate, Undying Rage, it becomes very hard to kill him. That's because Undying Rage makes him unkillable for 5 seconds.

So when you are laning against Tryndamere you should try to punish his early levels as much as possible, since that is when you will have the most kill pressure.

Tryndamere Splash Art
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Credit: Riot Games

Champions such as Teemo, Renekton, and Darius, are very strong before level 6 and have great kill pressure against Tryndamere. Ranged champions are also very strong against Tryndamere, as they have a lot of kill pressure pre-level 6, and can make it very hard for him to farm.

Once Tryndamere reaches level 6, you should avoid fighting him when he activates Undying Rage. That is easily down with ranged champions but can be a little harder with melee ones.

However, if you have built a good lead in the early laning phase, there is a good chance Tryndamere ultimate will only delay his death. That's why you must be able to stomp Tryndamere pre-level 6, otherwise he may just run away with the game.

Countering Tryndamere in the jungle

As mentioned above, Tryndamere is also a popular champion pick for the jungle and boosts a solid 50% win rate in that role.

To counter Tryndamere in the jungle you can pick champions who are incredibly strong in skirmishes, so you can invade him and force fights on early levels. If you can make him fall behind early in the jungle, Tryndamere can have a hard time recovering.

Tryndamere Wild Rift gameplay
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You can also choose to pick heavy gank champions, such as Jarvan IV, who focus on ganking as much as possible to get their teammates ahead. This might make you fall behind Tryndamere in farm and even items, but will put your teammates in a great position to carry the game.

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