Gods and Monsters Gameplay: Open World Exploration, Characters, Trailer, Switch, Release Date & more

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There has been excitement around the game ever since Ubisoft debuted the trailer for Gods and Monsters at E3 2019, and now that it's just around the corner we can't wait to start exploring the exquisitely detailed open world. 

Developed by the creators of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the game carries over a similar style, which means that the gameplay will be equally as impressive.

Switch fans are also keen to see another massive RPG land on their handheld console as we still don't have a release date yet set for Breath of the Wild 2.

Continue below for all the details we have on the game, with a special focus on the gameplay.

Open-World Gameplay

The open-world setting of Gods and Monsters is known as 'Isle of the Blessed' - a pretty suitable name for such a picturesque environment.

Amazing statues of titans in Gods & Monsters
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SHEPHERD'S DELIGHT: Various stone structures are littered throughout the open-world

But there's a twist, with this stunning island being taken over by fearsome mythical creatures.

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The open-world nature of the game will no doubt allow for many possibilities, such as free-roaming, quests, side-quests and puzzles.

Though relatively little is actually known about the game, we know that the developers have put a lot of work into the combat mechanics.


We've seen Norse mythology being explored in a multitude of ways in recent years (think of God of War & Hellblade), but we haven't seen ancient Greek mythology successfully explored in a game series.

That is until now, as Ubisoft have managed to render Ancient Greece into an aesthetically pleasing open-world explorer.

The game features a lot of exciting creatures from Greek mythology, introducing a Cyclops, Medusa and other Gorgons in the trailer.

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We can't wait to see a host of other mythical beasts featuring in the cartoonish graphical style, but there is a chance we could meet some Greek heroes.

It would certainly add to the depth of the game if we were introduced to heroes like Perseus, Prometheus or even Hercules, embarking on the missions that they became famous for.


Ubisoft actually revealed on their website that the player's character will be a customisable forgotten hero, who embarks on a quest to save the Greek gods.

gods and monsters character
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HERO: It has been revealed that the playable character will be a forgotten hero

The Greek gods are in need of being saved from Typhoon, the most demonic creature in all of Greek mythology.

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To achieve this, your hero has been granted a variety of special powers to fight enemies along the way, much like how demi-Gods had various special powers thanks to their parents.


It can't hurt for Nintendo to have another epic open-world adventure game. The success of The Witcher: Wild Hunt and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch proves that it's something Nintendo Switch fans are crying out for.

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