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16 Jan 2020

God of War 2: Sequel to Santa Monica Studio's Fourth GoW game teased by Developer!

The hit 2018 PlayStation Exclusive title God of War was for many people game of the year, if not game of the decade!

Krato's grand return to the world of gaming saw him travel to the land of the ancient Norse and battle a variety of mythical gods and creatures from Nordic history.

The last game was left on an incredible Cliff Hanger which left gamers on the edge of their seat.

Now one of the developers working on the game has teased the sequel!

Leak Revealed

Santa Monica Narrative Animator Kim Newman recently went to Twitter to share an image of her in a motion-capture suit sparking a frenzy online that work had started on the new God of War game!

Fans replied to the post speculating as to when the new game would be released with some saying it could release as early as 2021!

This would make the game a PS5 exclusive title - we should see a huge uplift in-game quality as well as some new Nordic Gods... Including the God of Thunder himself. Thor.